Good Technology Unveils Six BYOD Ready Enterprise Mobile Apps

Written by  Ritu Saxena | 16 January 2013
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Good DynamicsEnterprise Applications and Application Management is an essential part of putting BYOD practices and policies in place for any enterprise, in addition to protecting the corporate data at rest, at enterprise and device level. Using Good Dynamics, industry’s most secure application development platform, enterprises/third party developers can build and manage secure business mobile apps that are required for true BYOD adoption by enterprises and employees. Good Technology recently announced availability of six such Mobile Enterprise Apps for iOS secured by Good Dynamics which now add to the available ecosystem of third-party business productivity applications.

The apps include document editing/annotation apps, time management apps, document and e-mail management app and an enterprise app development SDK.

Picsel SmartOffice for Good Technology, allowing mobile workers to create, view, edit, print and share Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF documents securely without exposing corporate data or risking personal privacy.

Thomson Reuters Pitchboard, a new solution that enables the seamless delivery and return of pitch book iterations and edits between colleagues working on desktops in the office, as well as iPad® users.

Office Pro for Good, an all-in-one Office editing suite that works seamlessly with the Good for Enterprise and Good Share applications and lets mobile users collaborate on Microsoft Office compatible files securely on their iPad or iPhone.

DTE Axiom for iOS, an enterprise-grade app that allows law firms and other service-related professionals to securely enter and edit time information from any location on their iPad or iPhone.

MicroStrategy Mobile for Good, an application development platform that boosts an organization’s productivity by enabling enterprises to build a variety of necessary mobile applications that can deliver work-flows, transactions, mobile operations, system access, multimedia and business intelligence.

Autonomy WorkSite Mobility for Good, an intuitive and market leading document and email management system that improves customer service by letting employees communicate quicker and increases compliance through granular record keeping.

Good Dynamics currently available for iOS and Android is well suited to the needs of Enterprise App developers, ISV’s, IT and Mobility Managers to create apps to securely exchange information within and between applications on a single device without jeopardizing data security, employees’ confidentiality or user experience.

Good Dynamics AppKinetics ensures secure application-to-application data exchange. The solution facilitates implementation of policy control and management at the application level by making use of containerization and a secure infrastructure, which includes encryption of application data over-the-air and application level authentication outside your firewall. The solution not only helps develop secure Mobile Apps but also distribute them to the users.

Throwing some light on the need of Enterprise Mobile App Security Solutions, Herve Danzelaud, vice president, Business Development and Alliances, Good Technology said.

“In today’s BYO environment, employees not only want to bring their personal devices to work, but also the business applications they know and use in their personal lives. Enterprise workers just want to get their jobs done and when IT tries to ‘restrict’ access to certain apps, employees often find ways around those policies in order to utilize the apps they prefer. Our growing ecosystem of secure, third-party, enterprise apps include the most popular apps in the app stores today—the ones employees are already using.  Thanks to the Good Dynamics ecosystem, IT can now say ‘yes!’ to employees and boost productivity while protecting enterprise data.”

Good Technology, a leader in secure enterprise mobility solutions, with its product suites creates a world where employees can securely connect, communicate, and collaborate using their personal iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices without compromising on crucial corporate data at rest or in transit.

Ritu Saxena

Ritu Saxena

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