BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, A Step Ahead Of MDM, Beyond BB Devices

Written by  Ritu Saxena | 24 January 2013
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BES10BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 comes out as a more accomplished Enterprise Mobility Management solution. It now not only packages Device Management but also Application Management and BlackBerry Server Level FIPS 140-2 certified secure mobile connectivity. 

The solution will take care of the mobility management needs of BB devices of all shapes and sizes from smart phones to tablets, and much beyond that to seamlessly cover iOS and Android based devices too. Another advantage that the offering presents to the enterprise is the ease of management of the devices with an intuitive, unified, web-based administration console to manage devices and users.

For the blackberry world comprising of BlackBerry devices (read, BB10 powered devices) the offer is quite accomplished since it supports BlackBerry® Balance™ that ensures separation and security of work applications and data from personal content on BlackBerry devices.   BlackBerry® World™ for Work, for organizations to easily manage apps for employees. The IT managers will really appreciate the rich management controls for securing and managing work profiles including hierarchical group management with Active Directory integration, support for customizable administrative roles with granular capabilities, an intuitive enterprise enrolment process for employees that offers a self-service console, and centralized control of assignable profiles for email, SCEP, Wi-Fi®, VPN and proxy servers.

If we just consider the BB world, I would say the solution seems to be complete for corporate owned and employee owned devices as it securely covers the devices and applications. Not so sure about its ability to manage applications and data on non-BlackBerry devices in addition to the device management features.

But if we take a step further and add another dimension to BYOD by extending the enterprise services to its associates and partners who need the enterprise services but are not directly controlled by the enterprises, enterprises will need something more in conjunction with BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, or probably any other MDM/MAM solution, may be an Identity and Access Management solution independent of the device owned by the end user.

There are solutions coming up in the market with focus on End User Management like Sophos EndUser Protection, a solution that takes care of the Mobility Management challenges arising out of BYOD adoption by the enterprises, their employees, partners and associates.

The mobility management needs of every enterprise is specific and hence the choice of Mobility Management Solution, BB Enterprise 10 does take MDM a step further, with the inclusion of secure application management but we are in need of more accomplished end to end security solutions that take care of device management, application management, network and data security, independent of the end user device so that it can be scaled without much effort.

Ritu Saxena

Ritu Saxena

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