How Crucial Are Mobile Enterprise App Platforms Towards Realization of BYOD?

Written by  Ritu Saxena | 24 January 2013
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MEAP BYODMobile Application management has become equally important as Mobile Device Management with the increasing popularity of BYOD. But before thinking about any app management solution enterprises have to have a bank of apps that make sure that the enterprise data is not at stake when accessed through these enterprise apps, and at the same time users of the apps do not have to compromise on the device experience. Keeping in mind the variety of mobile platforms and devices based on them, it is also important that these apps work well on each of the device at disposition of the end user.

To solve this BYOD hurdle we have a number of Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms that are very useful for enterprises to develop BYOD ready apps. A few that I came aross are,  

Recently released LegaSuite 7.1 which features LegaSuite Mobile, a new enterprise mobility product that enables organizations in any industry to facilitate mobile application development and integration with mission-critical enterprise applications. LegaSuite Mobile facilitates creation of mobile applications for Apple iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile smartphones and tablets, as well as develop HTML5 applications that work on any mobile browser. LegaSuite mobile solutions offer the latest industry standard encryption techniques, ensuring the security of your data from your source applications to your mobile devices. You can also install or wipe native LegaSuite mobile applications using any standard mobile device management (MDM) solution.

Good Dynamics, is one of the industry’s most secure application development platform for enterprises/third party developers to build and manage secure business mobile apps. Good Dynamics helps implement security at the application level, with each app’s data being protected from rogue applications, malware, and device loss.The platform provisions active policy control at the application level, a secure container with military grade encryption, protecting app data on-device, to keep data secure even if your device is lost or stolen, a secure infrastructure, which includes encryption of application data over-the-air and application level authentication outside your firewall. The platform provides the ability to not only develop but also distribute mobile applications to the end users.

TIBCO Silver® Mobile 1.0 , TIBCO's new mobile application development and management software that offers enterprises a platform to rapidly develop user-focused, mobile applications that enable employees to leverage all their information, on virtually any device, no matter where they are, in real time. TIBCO Silver Mobile 1.0 Introduces one simple client interface where developers can create, then centrally deploy and manage, applications on a host of popular mobile platforms. The solution makes use of the power of real-time data, making it easy to extend business processes to mobile users and carry the event-enabled enterprise through to mobile channels. Integrates device and security services into mobile apps channel for enterprise-grade solutions.

These are just a few solution out of the many available in the market, but I would say that the need of the hour is that every MEAP solution is capable of creating BYOD ready enterprise apps to speed up the enterprise mobility targets.

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Ritu Saxena

Ritu Saxena

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