Now Raspberry Pi Model A Is On Sale In Europe

Written by  Harpreet | 05 February 2013
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raspberry piEveryone loves a Raspberry Pi! The cheap microcomputer just got a lot cheaper. After the success of Model B, the $25 Model A Raspberry Pi board has now gone on sale in Europe. Developed by The Raspberry Pi Foundation, the inexpensive microcomputer is targeted at kids who wish to learn coding.

The initial sales are currently limited to Europe only but the foundation has plans to widen up the sale globally in the coming few months. RS Components and Element 14 are currently selling both Model A and Model B boards.

The Model A Raspberry Pi costs $10 less than the Model B which costs $35. Model B has sold more than a million units till date. Google recently bought 15,000 Model B units to give them away to UK school kids. Model A is more of a stripped down version of the board. There is only one USB port, 256MB RAM and no Ethernet port. However it consumes about 1/3rd less power than the Model B unit.

The Raspberry Foundation claims that RS Components' customers outside Europe can place orders for Model A boards but they would be processed at a later date. The foundation is still to sort out a few legalities in other countries and hence that has resulted in a bit of delay. The foundation added, "We are very, very pleased to finally be able to offer you a computer for $25. It's what we said we'd do all along, and we can't wait to see what you do with it." The foundation had recently released an educational manual to go along with the microcomputer.

It's clear how cheaper computers have become now. With microcomputer boards bringing down base prices to such levels, it'll be very interesting to see how they aid educational institutions and independent education consultants in spreading knowledge. There are several projects that are now based on these cheap Raspberry Pi boards. Some of them have very unique cases, most of which weren't really possible before due to high initial costs. 

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