One SIM, Two Numbers Elegantly Resolves BYOD Number Ownership Problem

Written by  Ritu Saxena | 18 February 2013
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movirtuYou must have heard of Dual SIM smart-phones, but have you heard of something called Virtual SIM support? Where you have one handset and one SIM but you can simultaneously have two distinct numbers, one for personal use the other issued by your enterprise for professional use.

Today we got to hear about a virtual SIM solution from Movirtu to resolve BYOD Number issues. Now enterprises with the help of Network operators can make an add on number available to its employees on their personal mobile devices exclusively for work purpose. This additional number can be in total control of the enterprise in terms of billing and management, when the employee parts away from the enterprise then the enterprises can block the number usage. The solution will be initially available for Apple iOS and Android phones.

The Benefits for Enterprises

  • Allows businesses to safeguard corporate phone number assets, while reducing lifecycle asset management costs.
  • Separate personal and business number billings reduce business administrative overheads.
  • The solution is based on Movirtu’s patented Virtual SIM platform which uses standard network technology and does not rely on VoIP (Voice over IP) which is prone to poor voice quality, patchy mobile broadband coverage and international data roaming issues.
  • The solution is ideal for business with sales teams and other mobile employees.

The Benefits for Employees

  • Creates true Personal and Professional boundaries on personal mobile devices, separate environments can now be augmented with separate phone numbers too for each environment.
  • No need to re-distribute numbers to personal contacts on job switch in order to avoid the hassles of maintaining two different handsets.

Movirtu WorkLife is complementary to mobile virtualization and device management solutions, which are able to separate and secure the enterprise and personal environments but do not solve the actual number ownership problem.

With Movirtu WorkLife adoption enterprises can move one step ahead with enterprise mobility management solutions where the device will belong to the employee but the number will belong to the enterprise, and hence enterprises can have greater control on policy implementation and billing of services.

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Ritu Saxena

Ritu Saxena

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