Sencha Architect Becomes Faster & More Efficient With The Latest Release

Written by  Ritu Saxena | 06 December 2013
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sencha architect 3Sencha Architect the powerful visual app builder tool for crafting HTML5 web and mobile apps becomes faster, more efficient and far more flexible with its latest release, Sencha Architect 3. Sencha Architect makes the daunting task of supporting a lage number of enterprise apps over an ever increaing number of mobile and desktop devices a smooth sail for the enterprise app developers.

HTML 5 has taken to the hearts of app developers as they can code once and deploy it on devices of all form factors. Sencha adds to that flexibility by providing visual tools, pre-defined templates, code completionfeatures so that developers can focus on the application logic and functionality rather than breaking their heads in app coding. The latest release adds to these advantages by introducing additional components such as:

  • Additional Project Templates—Users can now choose from a variety of common templates and layouts upon which Sencha Architect 3 then creates a project with all the necessary components. Templates are available for the latest versions of Sencha Touch and Sencha Ext JS, and they cover the range from basic layouts to fully featured example applications. You can even make a template out of your own project and share it with others.
  • Easy Theming & Styling—Sencha frameworks provide rich themes for total control of a project’s appearance. Architect 3 exposes the power of theming by enabling direct editing of the appearance of an application which previously would require multiple tools and steps.
  • Architect User Extensions—Sencha Architect 3 now supports framework extensions, allowing them to be brought into Architect. Once installed, users simply drag them into the canvas, edit them in the config panel and see the actual code running in the Architect canvas. Developers can package extensions for individual use, group use or community use through

Sencha Architect 3 is available now for $399 per developer seat. For a limited time, Sencha Architect 2 customers can upgrade to Architect 3 for $239, a savings of 20 percent from the regular upgrade price of $299.

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Ritu Saxena

Ritu Saxena

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