Usabilla Launched New Mobile Usability Testing Tool

Written by  Ravi Vadugu | 15 November 2011
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UsabillaUsabilla is a web-based usability testing tool that allows marketers, analysts, designers and usability experts to collect visual feedback on their website in a quick and fun way. Participants answer questions with points and notes on top of a webpage, mockup, or sketch. The results of a survey are analyzed and presented visually with charts and heat maps. Usabilla's customers use these visual insights to improve their user experience and optimize their website.

This creator of usability testing tools for websites, have recently launched a new mobile tool that lets companies test how their apps or mobile websites perform on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android devices. As the testing takes place via questions, Usabilla’s mobile web UX (user experience) tool collects the aggregated feedback from the participants, analyzes it, and presents it to the site’s designers using charts and heatmaps.

To set up the tests, designers and developers must either provide the mobile URL or a screenshot of the mobile app. It does not support live app testing, however. But the tool does have a unique social feature – it lets you recruit participants to join the test by posting links to Facebook.

Usabilla is currently in use by more than 9000 web professionals, and globally recognized brands including Warner, EA, Discovery, LinkedIn, Disney, US Government, Sony, and Levi's.

Talking about future plans for Usabilla, we came to know that very soon Usabilla will release "Live website testing" (currently it's only possible on test static images). A very early prototype can be found here: This will create lots more opportunities compared to static images.

The concept after using it sounds great. Give it a try. Am sure you will not be disappointed, after all its being used by companies like Yahoo, Discovery, Disney, WWF, SprintTest, WB and many more.

Ravi Vadugu

Ravi Vadugu

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