IonGrid Emerges To Put IPad To Work For The Enterprise

Written by  Ravi Vadugu | 16 November 2011
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ionGrid, the company that is powering today's mobile and distributed workforce, today emerged from stealth to unveil its flagship product: Nexus Enterprise. The solution, a client/server application, addresses the security, workflow compatibility and network stability issues that have prevented the enterprise from embracing iPad as a viable alternative to laptop computers, offering anytime, anywhere access to documents for mobile and distributed workers.

Combining the best benefits of cloud storage, mobile device management (MDM) solutions and native productivity applications without the risk, Nexus was designed from the ground up to meet the needs of both business end users and IT. The app's breakthrough streaming technology delivers secure, reliable mobile access to corporate file repositories and enables users to natively view, annotate, share and present pixel-perfect renderings of Microsoft Office and PDF documents directly from iPad, even in the face of difficult or limited network connectivity conditions.

ionGrid Nexus effectively solves the trending "bring your own device" (BYOD) and consumerization of IT (CoIT) conundrums facing today's enterprise organizations by giving IT centralized control over sensitive business data at the file level ensuring documents are protected by existing security policies and access protocols and users can maintain autonomy over their personal device, data and applications.

Simple to deploy over corporate networks, Nexus can be easily configured to complement a company's existing infrastructure, extending corporate security policies and access control into the mobile world without added IT complexity or inconvenience to the end user and eliminating the need for costly MDM solutions. Deployed as a light client application on iPad and a server application in the enterprise datacenter, Nexus seamlessly connects mobile or remote workers to their existing workflow, without necessitating IT administrator intervention. Enterprise-grade performance guarantees responsiveness across petabytes of data, while workgroup-level downscaling lets users interact with existing desktop workstations. Full administrative support facilitates management of large user populations, while retaining granularity of individual permissions and access.

"The essence of the iPad is elegant simplicity. ionGrid has delivered an elegantly simple, secure solution that complements the iPad's design," said Peter Christy, cofounder and principal analyst at Internet Research Group. "Nexus is essentially transparent to the user and makes it exceptionally simple for IT to implement and manage because is designed to easily integrate with common enterprise authentication, rights management and repository solutions, like Active Directory and SharePoint. The genius of Apple is making complex tasks simple – IonGrid extends that simplicity to the complex task of protecting sensitive documents viewed and used on an un-tethered and mobile iPad."

Nexus Enterprise: Key Features and Attributes

  • Secure Document Streaming: Nexus' breakthrough streaming technology makes downloading documents a snap. When a user accesses a file, the server immediately sends the requested page over an encrypted connection, so they can immediately view and begin to interact with content, without having to wait for the entire file to download.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Nexus delivers a sophisticated interface user experience that compliments the inherent navigation and exceptional visual attributes iPad. Swipe your finger to scroll through files, pinch to zoom, or tap to open, Nexus is designed so that iPad gestures work exactly as users would expect. Nexus' thumbnail view into network folders makes locating documents a breeze, even in the largest corporate file repositories.
  • Real Time Repository Integration: Users can open any file they have permission to access from their workstation or the corporate server, regardless of their location. Nexus ensures repositories and access controls are up-to-date as soon as documents or permissions are added, removed or modified.
  • On-Demand Document Access: Users can easily mark and save files for offline access, ensuring they can review and present documents and remain productive, even without a stable Internet or network connection.
  • Total IT Control at the File Level: Sandboxing capabilities extends IT access and security policies to the mobile world, ensuring all document interaction, including streaming and caching, is perpetually controlled by IT at the file level. Nexus eliminates the need for remote wipes, expansive MDM deployments or governance of an employee’s personal device, data and apps. Cached files are password protected by strong industry-standard encryption.

"Increasingly, businesses are supporting a distributed or mobile workforce, in which employees generating and interacting with business data across multiple devices, the majority of which are personal companion devices like iPad. As consumers continue to drive IT technology decisions and demand for the convenience and flexibility of tablets in the enterprise workplace increases, costly and complex mobile device management policies have become a strategic imperative in the enterprise," said Nick Triantos, CEO of ionGrid. "Our philosophy is simple: if corporate information policy is applied consistently to documents, IT doesn't have to worry about managing the actual device to keep sensitive business data safe. This enables end users to maintain autonomy and control over their personal devices, information and applications, while boosting productivity – it's a win-win for everyone in the organization."

Ravi Vadugu

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