TapIt! Releases Proprietary Mobile Advertising Platform

Written by  Ravi Vadugu | 06 February 2012
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Advertising platform of any kind is key for any business big or small to survive and when it comes to enabling advertising platform for devices today, it makes it twice as big and appealing. Global mobile advertising company, TapIt!™ has just done that releasing its proprietary RTB enabled mobile advertising platform for agency advertisers and mobile application developers.

The platform itself includes both a self service interface and multiple ad units for a variety of monetization options for its app developers and publishers. Other features include real time bidding capabilities to create buying efficiencies for advertisers seeking transparency while yielding optimization for publishers.

TapIt!'s mobile ad platform and SDK's are easy and fast to integrate and offer more robust ad units for Android and iOS that stem far past the traditional mobile banner ads according to mobile publishers and developers community.

In addition to facilitating automated RTB buying capabilities, TapIt!™ will also provide advertisers with key tracking and targeting features to help accelerate the success of mobile campaigns. Mobile advertisers will be able to optimize campaigns through a variety of targeting features, including channel, publisher, carrier, geographical location, creative type and much more; allowing mobile advertisers to gain key insights and control over campaigns to achieve greater results. TapIt!™ also helps its advertisers track key actions such as sign ups, engagements, and orders with its conversion-tracking product, TapGauge. TapIt!™ tracks conversions through both a client-side pixel tracker with server-to-server postbacks, and SDK based install notifications.

In recent campaign tests, TapIt!'s real time bidding and optimization engine was successful in increasing campaign click-through rates on average of over 32% and saw lifts in conversion rates of nearly 18%. TapIt!™ is excited to share its technologies with the marketplace and usher in greater efficiencies to the mobile advertising ecosystem.

Ravi Vadugu

Ravi Vadugu

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