What To Expect From Launch Of iPAD 3 in March

Written by  Jatin Sapra | 16 February 2012
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More and more rumors are suggesting towards March launch of iPad 3(March 7 to be precise if reports are to be believed). Going by trends, it is very much likely that these rumors will come true. It is not just the launch date which is keeping people excited, there is a great amount of excitement over what to expect from iPad 3, what all features it will boast off.

In this post we will have a look at what to expect from iPad 3 - at least in terms of generic specs and hardware. Let's get started.


Apple is expected to include Quad-core ARM based A6 processor in iPad 3. Quad-core designs are coming from various ARM partners and the Tegra 3 has already been launched by Nvidia, as well as the Snapdragon S4 from Qualcomm. 9to5mac has also reported to have found code references to quad-core. 

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Design and Display

Most experts are suggesting towards 2048×1536 Retina display on iPad 3, it may cause iPad to be little thicker. Apple is not expected to make much changes to its 10.1" iPad otherwise. Analyst Ezra Gottheil, with Technology Business Research (TBR), told Computerworld that he expects the next iPad to have a higher-resolution display—one it's likely to call a “Retina display,” whether that's quite accurate or not. “That's important to them because it means the iPad will work well in their home theater play, since it will display full HD,” he said. “And it's an important differentiator going forward.”

4G LTE Technology

iPad 3 may also feature LTE support. Though it is more likely to be a US only version, as UK still doesn't have LTE connectivity. CNET believes that the new iPad may feature a Qualcomm 4G LTE Gobi 4000 chip. 

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Operating System

iPad 3 might be the first device to carry iOS 5.1. According to reports, Apple will launch the iPad 3 and iOS 5.1 together.

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More Storage

The iPad 2 has the familiar 16/32/64GB storage options. A 128GB option for the iPad 3 is expected by many.

Better Cameras

Rumors from iLounge have included better cameras, either a 5 or 8 megapixel rear camera and a FaceTime HD front camera. The current VGA quality set-up on the iPad 2 is really unsatisfactory. That’d be a massive improvement and it would also bring Apple’s slate inline with the competition.


ipad 3Siri at the moment is an exclusive feature of iPhone 4S. Apple put in a lot of money in Siri, and it was one of the most talked about feature in iPhone 4S. No doubt, Apple is interested in Siri for long term. We expect Apple to make Siri available for iPad, and all future iPhones, iPad 3 is a good contender for that as well. Going forward, Siri will no doubt be a staple feature of all Apple’s mobile-oriented devices

Near Field Communication

According to a report on Cult of Mac, Apple is expected to build NFC chips directly inside its iPhone 5 and iPad 3 devices. ‘Apple appears to be gearing up for a NFC revolution. It has made a lot of NFC hires, including a leading NFC expert and has patented a lot of NFC technology.’

iad 3
There you had it, our predictions for iPad 3 features. Let us know if you believe that there are more features which will be part of iPad 3. Apple is known to surprise tech world with something that nobody thought about, will it happen this time? Only time will tell.

References and Image Credit: TechRadar.com, 
Image Credit : Geek.com

Jatin Sapra

Jatin Sapra

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