How To Use iPad As An Effective Sales Tool!! Well Use GAMEPLAN

Written by  Raja Rao | 15 March 2012
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GamePlanGame Plan, a new mobile sales enablement and marketing platform and iPad app integrated with multiple services including Box, Sharepoint, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Google docs and more. Enabling sales teams of any size to access critical sales information on the go and allowing managers to track usefulness of materials, Game Plan positions sales and marketing professionals to more effectively represent their brands, products, and services in the field.

Game Plan HQ Offers Real Time Analytics, Automatic Engagement and Aggregation Among Multiple Storage Services.

Game Plan is a sales enablement web application and iPad app that boasts three core features:

  • Instant aggregation from the cloud to iPads. Game Plan connects to several cloud-storage and collaboration-based solutions such as Box, SharePoint, DropBox, Amazon S3, and more. Users can securely download the files they need to their iPad with a simple tap.
  • Organize files locally and present on the iPad. Users can create custom “game plans” on the iPad to reorient existing materials into strategic folders for easy retrieval.  With “game plans,” teams can collect, organize and access specific PDFs, videos, PowerPoint, and Keynote presentations (and several other file formats) that are most useful to a specific sale and present them in full-screen glory on the iPad presentation tool.
  • Analyze and report on file usage. Game Plan records and stores the files that get used, by whom, and how often. Sales and marketing departments can have true line-of-sight into what’s being used in the field, what’s working, and what’s not. Knowing the close rate on a particular sales tool versus another can result in higher close rates.

Gaurav Khandelwal, the chief executive officer of ChaiONE and founder of Game Plan said “We are becoming acutely aware that there is a costly disconnect between marketing departments and what’s actually going on in the field with sales efforts. With the consumerization of IT, more and more employees are bringing their personal cloud storage to the workplace, while also demanding access to their corporate Sharepoint accounts. Game Plan connects marketing and sales divisions, allowing robust sales teams to use their iPad as an effective sales tool.”

Raja Rao

Raja Rao

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