How Colorful Can We Expect The Android 5.0 Jelly Bean To Be?

Written by  Ritu Saxena | 10 April 2012
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android jelly beanWhile users are still waiting to own new Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) based devices and a lot more waiting for ICS updates on their existing devices, a whiff is in the air  regarding the next version of OS by Android most likely to be named Jelly Bean by the rumor mongers. The name, keeping in mind android’s sweet tooth and alphabetical sequencing logic.

Even the successor to Jelly Bean has been named as Key Lime Pie. Anyways the speculations on Android 4.0 successor would clear up once the official announcement on the next Android OS version comes directly from Google, probably in the Google IO held in June.

How colorful would the latest Android version be? Will the multicolored Jelly Bean offering appeal to the end users by matching up with the expectations set up by end users? Well, I have jotted down a few things that I would love to have in Android 5.0 you too can add on to that. I am sure Chrome browser would definitely be a part of the offering as Chrome for Android is in beta phase and already available for download to the users.

Fragmentation is the issue that is bugging the android users ever since, though Google is not the solely responsible for the issue, OEM manufacturers too are to be blamed for it. But, I seriously wish Google should cast some magic spell to overcome the issue for the benefit of the users probably by de-coupling UI customizations from the Core OS to enable manufacturers to apply customizations to Stock AOSP Android in the minimum amount of time.

Oh! it would have been so nice to have a efficient personal assistant and file manager freshly baked from Google, integrated into the OS platform. These features have become a habit and instead of looking out for alternatives in the market would it not be good if we get these pre-packaged. Ability to sync calendars and contacts between account, Integrated video calling with contacts would definitely be a bonus.

And what about the multiple user support, don’t you get bugged by closing/logging out individually from all the opened application to start afresh with what you intend to do on the device, specially when tablets are shared among the family.

Do you think Google would be able to bring to use the powerful mobile processors being launched every now and then? With that the power consumption would increase so it will require an effective power management solution to come out with true flying colors.

Why should the mid-range/low end phone with limited CPU and storage capacity be deprived of the benefits that the JellyBeans offer, a Lite version should definitely be rolled out along with the full fledged version.

Will it be wishing too much if I say the Android 5.0 should facilitate devices being used in desktop mode, with options for plugging in Keyboard and mouse to get a window- based multitasking experience?

Not sure what users will eventually get from Jelly Bean, till the official announcement is made, till then lets keep wishing and adding to the list, I am sure we would get what we expect and probably more.


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Ritu Saxena

Ritu Saxena

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