Appcelerator Makes Mobile Development Dead Simple With Its Cloud Services

Written by  Sudheer Raju | 18 April 2012
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appceleratorAppcelerator has revised is mobile development offering Titanium to version 2.0 which makes mobile developers life simpler by integrating it with broa range of cloud services into mobile apps. This not just supports Titanium developers but any native or mobile web developers to quickly create, configure, deploy cloud connected applications.

This very cloud based services are dubbed ACS (Appcelerator Cloud Services) and includes general availability and support HTML5 mobile web apps development. This comes just after Appcelerator's acquisition of Cocoafish in February.

ACS helps companies integrate compelling cloud services like push notification or check-ins into their mobile apps quickly and economically. Underscoring its open and extensible approach, Appcelerator’s new solution enables app publishers using Objective-C, Java, PhoneGap, Sencha and HTML5 technologies to create and configure an instantly scalable server-side backend, add engaging mobile app features without writing server code, and deploy their cloud-connected app with the push of a button.

The rich features exposed sounds promising which includes User Management, Photos and photo collections, Locational based features, Social integration including authentication using Facebook, Twitter and others, Custom data objects, Push Notifications, Check-Ins, Chat, Ratings and Reviews, Deiscussion forums, Ratings and Reviews, Key values, Client identifications and many more.

This release certainly is simplicity to death in terms of building majority of applications and is just a start. The scope of improvement to such cloud based services is huge and will be interesting to see what comes next.

As part of the Titanium 2.0 release, Appcelerator also announced its mobile web SDK release candidate, becoming the first mobile development platform to deliver an integrated hybrid, native, and HTML5 solution. The product extends Titanium support beyond native iOS and Android mobile applications and into HTML5 mobile web to reach the broadest array of devices. By offering both web and native development from a single platform, Appcelerator provides a path for app publishers that deliver rich experiences and quick time-to-market across the fragmented mobile OS and browser ecosystem.

Sudheer Raju

Sudheer Raju

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