Drive Safe Mode - A Remarkable App That Ensures Safe Driving

Written by  Ritu Saxena | 24 April 2012
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drive safe appSomething that your near and dear ones always wanted, but could not enforce – focus on the road and not on the phone while driving. Are you running a transportation business, managing a fleet of vehicles and you want to ensure the safety of the passengers and keep a check on the driver of the vehicle. Here is a recently released simple application that makes all this possible Drive Safe Mode.

Once the application recognizes that the user is in motion it restricts the usage of the phone to ensure the safety of the user. Here are some key features of the application.

  • Prevents Texting, Emailing and other distractions while driving
  • Push alert warnings if shut off while driving
  • Blocks within a few seconds of vehicle moving
  • Configurable to allow calling parents while driving
  • Configurable to allow navigation apps while driving
  • Configurable to allow music apps while driving
  • Works on nearly all device versions
  • Ability to deliver speed alerts for your vehicle
  • Can collect mileage for insurers (if receiving discount)
  • Proactive alerting and reporting if user tries to disable
  • Works even if phone does not currently have GPS coverage
  • Minimal battery drain due to GPS usage

The application is currently available for Android devices at $2.99 monthly subscription for one device and IPhone $1.99 monthly subscription for one device.

This is not the only solution of its kind available; there are many solutions of similar kind available in the market catering to different mobile platforms The creators say that the differentiating factor of the patent-pending Drive Save Mode App from similar Android and iPhone applications is that the app works directly with a phone's GPS to analyze the car's driving speed, but I found a few more applications working on the same principal.

  • TextecutionIt uses GPS of the phone to determine the speed at which the user of the device in which the app is installed is moving and disables texting when the user exceeds the speed of 10mph.The application can be overridden with the permission of the administrator. It is available only for android devices.
  • Not While Driving - This app detects when the car is in motion using the GPS device in the cell phone. Not While Driving puts the cell phone in sleep mode as soon as the user is in motion and As soon as your car stops, your cell returns to normal operating mode .The passengers can override just with a click but the administrator is notified. It is available only for Blackberry devices.
  • Speedbump - This mobile phone app allows families to set and detect realistic speed limits on all roads such as residential, secondary and highway roads.

Then there are some solutions that make use of the Bluetooth technology to serve the purpose.

  • cellCONTROL – This is a Bluetooth device that plugs into the ODB-II port of your car. The Bluetooth device and its accompanying app blocks the use of pre-determined apps that text, check email, browse the Internet, or post to social networks when the car is in motion. If a hands free device is in use, you can still make calls. It works with Android, BlackBerry phones.

If safety while driving is your prime concern and you want to make use of technology to overcome the dangers posed by technology you can choose any of the available solutions depending upon the mobile device you are using. But if you are using an Android device you can consider Drive Safe Mode, some of the interesting features that I found in the app is that it has the ability to deliver speed alerts for your vehicle so administrators can monitor over-speeding, it can collect mileage information which would be useful when deployed for business purpose and as evident from its feature list it appears that the application is optimized for battery consumption.

Ritu Saxena

Ritu Saxena

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