office ipadMicrosoft has finally released its Office suite of apps on the iPad. We earlier reported last year that the company had confirmed it was working on bringing its popular Office suite to the iPad, thus confirming all the rumors that have been circulating at that time.

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The confusion never goes, what to choose what not to choose, with so many devices in the same segment being released back to back - iPad4, Windows Surface RT, Nexus 10 that too by the OS providers themselves. To add to the choices, is the release of Phablets - iPad Mini and Nexus 7. These tablets in addition to providing more options, add to the confusion, whether to dump phones and tablets altogether and go in for these hybrid devices or consider them as an alternative to pricier tablet or phones with bigger screens giving tablet experience? Let me pinpoint some of the strong points of each device that will help you decide which one to go for, this festive season.

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cloudonWith a customer base of over one million and growing across US, UK, Canada CloudOn, a player in mobile producitivty apps has officially announced itself as a company and treats its users with a revised verison of its workspace specifically turning the devices into ultimate productivity tools.

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ionGrid, the company that is powering today's mobile and distributed workforce, today emerged from stealth to unveil its flagship product: Nexus Enterprise. The solution, a client/server application, addresses the security, workflow compatibility and network stability issues that have prevented the enterprise from embracing iPad as a viable alternative to laptop computers, offering anytime, anywhere access to documents for mobile and distributed workers.

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Mobile technology has been growing at an incredible pace off late and gives a bit of headache for businesses, be it small or big and user community to ensure their websites, blogs, portals work on all the recognized platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows or many others. I guess every hit that comes to your website from any of such platforms is as good as the one that could give you a lead. With user community using varied platforms lets see what are the best tools available to very easily and quickly create a mobile version of your website. 

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How many different mobile devices can you think of? ........Take some time and list them mentally. I know you didn’t stop, but continued reading the article. If you took some time, you would realise that there is a huge market with different players competing with each other and the list is ever growing. Google android, Iphone, Ipad, windows phone, Blackberry.... list goes on.

Guess who is competing in those markets in parallel. Anyone who developed or own a website or mobile application? We want our websites to be displayed properly in all the smartphones and portable devices, application to perform as required. What next, we would need to test websites/apps for different devices. Following list of tools will help test websites for various smart phones

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