Thursday, 26 January 2012

10 Cloud Based Testing Tools

cloudcomputingIT community along with business community have started unleashing their power by using Cloud Computing. There are Many cloud based tools for various aspects of IT development. Have made attempt to list the top cloud based tools being using for different aspects of testing including test management, performance testing etc. Some of the benefits of using Cloud based testing tools are reducing costs( licensing, infrastructure, usage charges...), Usage flexibility, Selecting right tool for the job as well as getting started immediately etc. Here is the list.

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PractiTestQuick overview: Over years, having used various test management software’s, I found PractiTest to be a very good test management tool with rich productivity features like inline editing, Fast filters, Batch editing etc. It also has some very intuitive features like hierarchical tree view of different items in all areas like requirements, Test Library, Test Sets & runs and issues.

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PractiTest is a light-weight, enterprise, SaaS based Test Management Tool. It enables to customize the tests, and organize the cycles in a hierarchical view tree, giving test engineers a comfortable platform to run their manual tests.

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