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symentac hadoopHigh availability and manageability were the biggest issues when Hadoop came into existence, however they seem to be the issues of the past with most of the cloud vendors designing their infrastructure to provide alternate clusters and servers to overcome such issues. Hadoop itself has announced next version of map-reduce as alpha version of Hadoop 2.0 providing solutions to such issues.

Everyone hates software bugs - developers hate them in their code and consumers hate them in their products. Typemock, an Israel based unit testing product developer for various development platforms has provided some interesting facts about software bugs as an infographic. 

test studioWe had been covering a bit about Telerik Test Studio in the recent past including a quick review done by one of my colleague. We liked the product and thought to catch up with Test Studio team  and know their thoughts on current testing trends and whats being planned further for Test Studio. Here are some insights from "Faris Sweis", Chief Software Architect for Telerik's Testing division.

dell big dataGone are the days when Dell was known just for its hardware and laptops. Dell has off late transformed completely into a solution provider teaming up with various technology vendors and acquiring some valuable assets to launch its own Cloud Platform, Big Data solutions and more. This Big Data platform is now further extended beyond big data storage to big data management, analytics and professional services.

skireJust when i thought the buying spree will end somewhere from Oracle, it seems to have just started this year. Oracle now acquires substantially all of the assets of Skire, a leading provider of capital program management and facilities management applications available on the cloud and on-premise. The transaction is subject to customary closing conditions and approvals and is expected to close in the second half of 2012.

mongodirectorWhile SQL to NoSQL move has been a challenge so far, enterprises face further challenges to manage and maintain nosql data store to current demands, specially while nosql is still evolving. We are talking about moving from an established, structured and widely accepted to an evolving, non-relational datastore. Take note of a startup "ScaleGrid" that has come up with an end to end lifecycle management solution for leading nosql database MongoDB called “MongoDirector”.

nodeableApache Hadoop certainly has revolutionized the way data and associated analytics can be handled to the advantage of various businesses this year and has also given rise to some great startups over time supporting or complementing Hadoop. One such organization that has launched a "Real Time" big data Hadoop pre-processing analytics engine today is Nodeable.This service goes by name "StreamReduce" which in essence is real-time aggregation and processing engine that enhances and analyzes data streams as a cloud-based complement to batch processing via Apache Hadoop and Amazon Web Services Elastic Map Reduce.

filetekData and that too Big Data, demands huge amount of storage over time that needs to be factored into any organizations system landscape. While there are a plethora of new generation storage mechanisms that have come to light off late, what is really missing is a realistic modeler that applies some logic and provides a view into cost-to-value of such storage strategy.

apache nutchApache Software Foundation has just about released new Apache Nutch, a scalable search framework written in Java. Nutch v2.0 offers all of the mainstream Nutch functionality and it builds on Apache Solr™ adding web-specifics, such as a crawler, a link-graph database and parsing support handled by Apache Tika™ for HTML and an array of other document formats.

microstrategyThe Hadoop train now gets a bit more longer with MicroStrategy 9.3 entering the big data space with powerful new capabilities that enhance its Visual Insight for data exploration, new Hadoop data processing framework, allows businesses to gain insights from Big Data, and incorporate advanced analytics from "R", an open source programming language for statistical computing.

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