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Founder of ToolsJournal, a technology journal on software tools and services. Sudheer has overall accountability for the webiste product development and is responsible for Sales and Marketing. With a flair to write, Sudheer himself writes for toolsjournal across all journal categories.

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kitarodbSynergex International Corp. today announced their release of KitaroDB 1.0, a free NoSQL database that runs natively in the WinRT, Win32, and .NET environments. KitaroDB is a fast, efficient data store that supports key-value pairs as well as intrusive keys, and can be used by developers across Microsoft's platforms.

calligraThe Calligra product suite comprises of a comprehensive set of productivity applications which satisfies the likes of users who would like to have alternatives of MS Office applications along with graphics and project management software.

mobile securityTrendMicro has released a mobile security threat report that suggests while Apple’s relatively rigorous approach to vetting apps before allowing them on the App Store has minimised security risk, Google’s open platform has become a hotbed of malicious activity. Dangerous malware and information harvesting adware targeting Google Android users jumped 483% from nearly 30,000 in June to almost 175,000 in September, according to the latest security report for the third quarter of 2012.

hdinsightThis week and next appears to be crucial weeks for Microsoft with not just the make or break release of its next generation windows operating system but also launch itself officially into Hadoop world. Microsoft has previewed Windows Azure HDInsight Service (hosted) and Microsoft HDInsight Server for Windows (On-Premise) quoted to be the Apache Hadoop based big data solutions for Windows Azure and Server.

cloud storageRackspace® Hosting releases unlimited availability of Cloud Block Storage, powered by opensource cloud platform OpenStack®.  The solution gives a new dimension to cloud storage with a plug-in/plug-out storage features along with enabling customers to choose a Solid State Drive (SSD) option to deliver higher performance along with standard storage option. 

dynamics crmSocial marketing has been one of the key areas within customer engagement this year and to that effect Oracle, IBM, Salesforce, TeraData and others have all acquired best of breed solutions this year. One product although in the competition has not been able to generate the buzz as much as we or i thought, was Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The company seems to be finally catching up with its competitors quick and fast.

stock marketThe black Monday seems to be still haunting some major giants within mobile industry like Nokia, Google and Microsoft. Exactly this day in 1987 the stock market crashed around the world wiping out huge value in a very short period. Google's blunder today gave a quick shiver down the spine if such day would repeat itself again. Thankfully its not as bad :). However the threesome Google, Nokia and Microsoft have disclosed their accounts this quarter with some points to ponder over this weekend. Google though as a quoted draft by mistake.

tradegeckoIf you are struck between complex maintenance of your business with excel spreadsheets and are not in a position to go for advanced products like SAP, NetSuite or Salesforce then here comes a new product TradeGecko coming out of its beta. TradeGecko is a cloud-based inventory and sales management SaaS application for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

solrApache is a home to majority of the projects that had been driving the industry from a long time with of-course almost every big fish tagging itself as a sponsor. Apache has announced general availability of its flagship projects Lucene Core  4.0 and Solr 4.0 this week boosting opensource and nosql based search technology.

owncloudownCloud, the popular open source file sync and share project, released its latest free community edition today, adding new features like video streaming, mounting of third-party storage, like GoogleDrive and Dropbox, a presentation player and new address book and contact sharing.

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