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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

[Review] SpiraPlan For Agile Teams

SpiraPlanBeing in software industry for over 20 years and working as project manager for few years, it is interesting to see how software tools help in day to day organisation and implementation of software. Yes Agile manifesto mentions “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools”, there has been many software’s helping development teams meet that very end.

ActuateOneMany Organizations are into Big Data Analytics as the data is growing at a fast pace and volume. Unlocking value from it is beneficial for the Company to make informed decisions, in turn benefit the company. Actuate Corporation, the co-founder of the premier BIRT open source development project has come up with ActuateOne to deliver more insights into Bigdata.

cloud storageFile sync and storage on cloud has seen a major war this year with Dropbox, GDrive, SkyDrive, CloudDrive and others. This month a new startup product "Cubby" has entered the storage space and into Open Beta with impressive set of features and a whooping free space of upto 25 GB.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

[Infographic] Humanizing Big data

Alteryx Humanizing Big DataAnalyzing Big Data and unlocking its true value at the right time holds the key to make informed decisions. Only then businesses will get benefitted from the analysis. Alteryx says that to get value from Big Data you must add contextual information and place analytical capability in the hands of those who need it. In other words, Big Data needs to be “humanized”. Humanizing Big Data makes it accessible for analysts who operate in today’s enterprise business units, giving them capabilities usually available only to IT. It means working with the data directly so that it tells its story. Having the full story leads to business insight. It also means a new ability for data analysts to hone their craft and expand their ability to do analytics independently.

Proticor Cloud SecurityData security is one of the significant concerns for organizations planning to move their businesses into Cloud Environment. Data in a cloud becomes vulnerable to different kind of threats than that in a on-premise scenario. A startup Porticor is a cloud security company that provides secure and scalable solutions for data encryption and key management. It introduced the latest release of its Porticor Virtual Private Data (Porticor VPD) system, which fully protects cloud data while stored and in use, delivering total security to cloud environments.

pentaho fundingPentaho Corporation this week announced that it has raised a $23 million C round funding led by New Enterprise Associates (NEA), with participation from additional existing investors Benchmark Capital, Index Ventures and DAG Ventures.

Yammer Enterprise GraphYammer, Enterprise Social Network Company, has entered into an agreement with Microsoft for acquisition earlier this year. The Company is now a part of the Microsoft Office Division. It's product is as easy to use as consumer software like Facebook and Twitter, but is designed for company collaboration, file sharing, knowledge exchange and team efficiency. It has come up with a new App Directory and Platform for a better experience to its customers.

Centrify Mobile AuthenticationCentrify Corporation, provider of security and compliance solutions announced the extension of its cloud-based mobile security offering to include Mobile Authentication Services (MAS) that deliver "Zero Sign-On" Active Directory-based authentication for mobile applications to cloud services. With the latest announcement Centrify has enhanced its Policy-based management of mobile devices to enable Mobile Device Management. The Company’s' solutions centrally control, secure and audit access to on-premise and cloud-based systems, mobile devices and applications.

FatCloudFatCloud is the cloud enabled application platform that allows enterprises to build, deploy, and manage next generation .NET applications. IT launched a new IT development and management platform that helps in delivering .NET applications, considerably reducing time and cost of the projects. This cloud-enabled application platform is backed by an invention company Elevator Labs.

Citrix Cloud StrategyCompanies are looking for effective strategies for a smooth transition to Cloud Computing without disrupting their current business models. Citrix says it has a practical approach to transform Windows apps and desktops into cloud services. It also plans to build new clouds, bridge to third-party clouds and deliver a wide range of apps, data and video services over any network.

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