Ritu Saxena

Ritu Saxena

Ritu is the technical brain behind the website and comes from a strong development background across Web and Mobile platforms. She is our senior editor primarily responsible for Product Reviews and in future will be leading Start-Ups, Mobile and Quality areas.

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kofax dave caldeiraHave you come across the term “Smart Process Applications”? If not, read ahead, as you will surely need some SPA’s to make the “First Mile” of your business smarter. ToolsJournal had an opportunity to interact with Dave Caldeira, Senior Vice President of Product and Solution Marketing at Kofax, a leading provider of smart process applications.

epicor surveyEpicor Software Corporation, a company delivering inspired business software solutions to the manufacturing, distribution, retail and services industries conducted a research survey to determine what the world expects from the next generation of ERP’s.

apigee_imgThe Apigee Institute, a research and strategy organization committed to helping businesses succeed in the new digital world, conducted a global online survey of IT executives at large enterprises that attempted to deploy apps in 2013. The survey was fielded in January 2014 to 800 IT Decision Makers at companies with more than $500 million in annual revenue around the world in more than 25 industries.

secureauth idp8SecureAuth has launched the latest version of its access control solution, SecureAuth IdP. Release 8.0 of SecureAuth IdP polishes up conventional authentication and introduces Risk Based Authentication into the access control workflow.

fortycloud in rackspace marketplaceIf you are a RackSpace customer and security of your cloud deployment is your prime concern, then you should certainly checkout FortyCloud, a cloud-based network firewall offering now available in the Rackspace Marketplace. FortyCloud is a comprehensive security solution for your Rackspace and hybrid cloud deployments.

impetus big dataBig Data Projects have become an indispensable part of every organization owing to the useful business insights they provide. But in the current scenario, as the Big Data technologies are maturing, validation and testing of these Big Data projects is not an easy task. What organizations need at this point of time are solutions that can make Big Data application testing easy, efficient, and accurate.

Andreas KuehlmannCoverity, Inc., provider of software quality and security testing solutions recently acquired Kalistick, cloud-based software solutions provider that boosts testing efficiency. The Coverity Test Advisor clubbed with Kalistick solution will help build tighter collaboration between Development and QA teams, enabling faster time-to-market, reduced software development costs and higher end-product quality.

wise ioData Analytics has become the key to business growth in today’s world. Gartner predicts, the customer experience market will be a $20.6 billion industry this year almost doubling to a $36 billion market in 2017 with a compound annual growth rate of 15.1 percent.  Gartner also mentions, despite this explosive growth and the recognized need for customer facing business processes to become more data-driven, there remains a substantial shortfall in the ability to implement the tools capable of deriving deep and actionable insights.

embarcadero appmethodsTrue native, component based, complete app development platform that does not require app developers to compromise on the native performance of the apps, is what Embarcadero RAD Studio suite of app development tools better known to its customers. The same set of benefits are now presented to the world in the form of Appmethod, a subscription based offering.

incapsula cloud serviceIncapsula a cloud-based Application Delivery Service that makes websites safer, faster and more reliable, announced the first cloud-based “Layer-7 Aware” Global and Local Load Balancer to provide true in-datacenter and cross-datacenter load balancing, as well as Automatic Failover for Disaster Recovery.

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