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We hear, or read, about it almost every day; technology is rapidly changing. In a world of rapid and continuous change everyone is looking for some form of consistency, a foundation for us to build on when it comes to how we run a business, manage a project or develop new software. 

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Scrum is one of the biggest process invention but it does not guarantee success. Even creators of Scrum accept that more than half of the Scrum implementation does not go well. Why is that? Scrum is critical but what is more critical than Scrum? Moving from waterfall model to Scrum is a welcoming change that makes people think in the right direction. So what is the right direction?

Published in Agile Journal
Wednesday, 08 June 2011

Agility Redefined...

There is an enormous amount of discussion and literature (in the Software/ Application Development circles?) about different processes (or methodologies), their pros and cons, their challenges, etc. While these articles are right in their own way, in most cases, they preach adoption and acceptance of one process. However, the fact is that rarely does a “one size fits all” approach work for anything – why would software be any different?

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