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Like To Implement A/B Testing For Apps? Here Is A Free Tool From Amazon

Written by  Ravi Vadugu | 07 December 2012
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Amazon A/B TestingAmazon over the period of years have given businesses many innovative concepts. One of those that can never be rivalled is A/B testing. A testing that compares the effectiveness of multiple versions of a web page, a campaign email or others in order to discover which has better response rate or better sales conversion rate.

Amazon has pioneered A/B testing space applying and learning the very principles over the years on its own shopping cart. This week the powerhouse has announced a beta version of its free product that helps Kindle Fire developers with A/B testing capability. Similar to A/B Testing application over web that many businesses practice today, app developers can test simultaneous treatments of their apps, receive data about what’s worked best, and quickly adjust their apps to take advantage of this customer learning.

A/B Testing is free to all developers and is the latest in a series of new services and tools that make it even easier for developers to build their mobile and tablet apps and most importantly make them revenue generating with continuous analysis of what is working and whats not. This free service certainly compliments its recent app developer services that were launched like In-App Purchasing and 1-Click Purchasing. The product comes with server side logic that allows to quickly iterate tests and deploy new, improved experiences to customer without having to write any additional client side code. Built on Amazon Web Services, it allows to experiment and monitor results from a familior Amazon Mobile App Distributed Portal.

Promoting the product Amazon has given some live statistics for its apps business. 23 out of 25 top grossing apps used Amazons In-App purchasing technology with app downloads from its Appstore increased by almost 500%. Starting today, developers can download the A/B Testing beta SDK at: https://developer.amazon.com/sdk/ab-testing.html.

“Apps are living products continuously being updated, modified and improved, and with millions of potential active users, developers know that seemingly small changes can have a large impact on customers. Our A/B Testing service is essential for developers because it will help offload the overhead costs of building, maintaining and running scalable tests,” said Mike Frazzini, Director of Amazon Games. “We’ve drawn from our years of experience conducting and refining our own A/B testing on Amazon.com to bring developers a testing product that will give them the capability to perfect their apps, retain customers, and grow their business.”

Ravi Vadugu

Ravi Vadugu

An IT professional with over 12 years of experience. Project management is what i do. Curious/Interested in upcoming technologies, trends, software methodologies(e.g. Agile) and software tools. Love sharing knowledge with rest of the community.

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