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Why AgileLoad Hits The Notes For Your Performance Testing Needs

Written by  Ritu Saxena | 11 December 2012
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agileload.pngAgileLoad is an enterprise class solution for Load Testing of Web and Mobile Applications. It fits perfectly into the Agile Development methodology for performance testing of apps hence called AgileLoad. AgileLoad is a Windows application for performance testing of web applications designed for use in internal networks or on the ‘Cloud’. The cloud load generation support provided by the tool help generation of the load from distributed locations to simulate near real scenarios.

Here are the reasons why AgileLoad can be the chosen one for your Performance Testing needs.


  • Architecture Supporting Parallelism 

There are five components of the tool

AgileLoad Starter, this is a very handy component for the starters that gives a quick overview of the AgileLoad capabilities.
AgileLoad Script Editor, for recording, validating and debugging single user scripts and a lot more.
AgileLoad Test Center, helps in creating, managing, monitoring, analysis and report generation of simulated test runs.
AgileLoad Daemon, for managing heavy loads distributed over several hosts.
AgileLoad Report Designer, for creation of report templates containing custom charts and tables which can be used by AgileLoad Center to generate test reports.

Since the components are separate, users can work parallelly on different components to hasten the test process.

  • Long List of Supported Technologies

App Types : AJAX, Flex, Silverlight, Java Apps, WPF, SharePoint Apps, Oracle Apps, SAP Net Weaver
Web Services : J2EE, .Net, Siebel
Protocols : HTTP/HTTPS, TCP, SOAP, XML, WAP, POP3, SMTP, DNS, REST, JSON, GWT, AMF (flex), SIP is also supported
                with some work around
Browsers : IE, FireFox, NetScape, Chrome and Safari

  • Easy Test Case Creation

SCL Scripting Support
In addition to automatic script generation facilities AgileLoad supports a proprietary scripting language called SCL (Script Control Language) which is very similar to VB. Scripting support gives flexibility to the Test Case creator to customize the scripts for generation of complex scenarios. SCL scripting is very clear and efficient and eliminates the need of an external compiler to be pegged with the tool.

Variable Data Support
Several sources of variable data can be used by Agileload, such as flat files, databases and more. There is a provision for automatic generation of values also, to create new data-banks. The data can even be synchronized between several users/scripts.

Storyboard Feature
AgileLoad script storyboard gives user a graphical view of their entire test scenario.

Automatic Modeling For Reduced Scripting Time
AgileLoad can learn how to manage complex transactions using Automatic Modeling. Using Automatic modeling the 1st script is created and during the parametrization process (tying up of session ID’s and other essential parameters) it is possible to teach AgileLoad how to manage these parameters which saves time not only in the 1st script but in all subsequent scripts against the same application.

  • Close To Real Scenario Simulation

Configurable Load Generation
One AgileLoad load injector can generate a load of up-to 50 VU’s this extend to infinite VU support with several Load Injectors distributed on the cloud. Single Machine can be used to manage the entire load generation process which is configurable. Through IP Spoofing different IP addresses can be assigned to each virtual user. The virtual users can be dynamically added or deleted during test case execution.

Dynamic Parametrization Support
Agileload offers the possibility to dynamically define the behaviour of load injectors in order to ease and speed up the detection of the performance thresholds or bottlenecks of an application.

Test Execution
The tests can be carried in batch mode also.

  • Accomplished Diagnostics

Good Number of Performance Indicators
Agileload provides more than 30 performance indicators sorted according to categories such as Transactional HTTP, Network, and Response time and more in the form of lists or graphs.

End To End Performance Monitoring
AgileLoad is a true end to end performance monitoring solution. Using AgileLoad users can monitor not only the Web 2.0 based Rich Internet Apps but also the backend Components like, Web and App Server including IIS, Apache, BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, JBOSS and more, the OS on the server including Microsoft Windows XP/2000/2003 Server, Unix AIX/SUN Solaris/HP True64/Linux RedHat and more, Database Servers including Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL and more, Network Equipments and SNMP-compatible components. Each monitor provides all of the performance indicators currently used by experts in real time.

Performance Comparison
AgileLoad provides features to quickly compare Test Runs. AgileLoad facilitates the observation of all the performance information simultaneously in monitoring and analysis mode. The user can add several performance indicators to the same graph using the traditional "Drag & Drop" method for cross-correlations and comparisons. Agileload also offers numerous graph customization options in the monitoring, analysis and reporting phases alike.

Anomaly Detection And Suggestions For Issue Resolution
AgileLoad automated anomaly detection features help detect trends or exception conditions that can be the cause of performance issues. AgileLoad detects possible anomalies through topological or threshold analysis by reading the test results. The anomalies allows the tester to immediately visualize their severity, the incriminated component and the period of time during which the values affected remained above the limits. The detected anomalies are also augmented with suggestions to overcome the performance issues.

  • Flexible Reporting

AgileLoad provides an automatic report creation tool which allows users to create report templates as per the needs with convenient drag and drop functionality. Users can also automatically correlate different types of measurements, combining them on the same graph, applying statistical functions, and creating their own models by inserting the desired measurements. By default the reports are created in Rich Text Format for Word or Open Office.

  • Mobile App Testing

In addition to Rich Internet Apps, AgileLoad can also be used for testing of web-based or hybrid mobile applications using accepted protocols like HTTP/HTTPS. Agileload can realistically simulate mobile network with bandwidth constraints, latency and packet loss. There are two complementary recording methods (proxy based and tunnel based) using which browsing of an app from mobile or a tablet can be simulated.

  • Prompt Customer Support

I myself can vouch for the customer support. The biggest and the smallest of queries were attended to promptly. In addition to the customer support through mails, AgileLoad maintains a valuable repository of tutorials and videos in the Learning Centre.


Free version
of AgileLoad provides support for free scripting and 10VU supported testing, for both on Premise and On Cloud variants.

Unique licenses
that includes the full monitoring package of 21 collectors and all the supported protocols starts at $3 per hour for up-to 50 Concurrent VU's. The licenses are available on daily, weekly and monthly basis, the price is proportional to the no of VU's required for App Testing. The same license can be used for On Premise and Cloud based testing.

distinctive/unique features

Features that sets the tool apart from other similar tools are

  • The Starter Kit, for quick ramp-up on usage of the tool.
  • Automatic Modeling vastly reduces scripting time for subsequent test cases against the same app.
  • End to End diagnostic features, the tool not only monitors the front-end but also the back-end of the apps that helps detect the exact reason for performance degradation.
  • Anomaly detection and suggestion features help quickly identify and resolve the performance bottlenecks.
  • Configurable Reports, for a mix of audience is a very useful feature.

Suggested Features for Future Releases

  • Support for integration with bug tracking tools like bugZilla, JiRA and more would be helpful to the customers for defect tracking.
  • Though the tool in its current form provide support for most of the major protocols going forward support for  JDBC, RMI, OMA IMPS, Hessian would be an added advantage
  • In the mobile app testing front, testing of OS native app running on Android, Blackberry or iOS would be highly appreciated.
  • Support for the tool on platforms other than Windows would be good.
Ritu Saxena

Ritu Saxena

Ritu is the technical brain behind the website and comes from a strong development background across Web and Mobile platforms. She is our senior editor primarily responsible for Product Reviews and in future will be leading Start-Ups, Mobile and Quality areas.

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