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Gorilla Logic Offers CloudMonkey To Facilitate Mobile App Testing Cloud

Written by  Raja Rao | 17 December 2012
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cloud monkeyGorilla Logic, creators of MonkeyTalk, automated testing tool for mobile and web apps, announced the availability of its mobile app testing cloud platform, CloudMonkey. The CloudMonkey beta, currently available for an extended free trial, enables users to run MonkeyTalk scripts on Android emulators with dozens of combinations of versions, screen resolutions and densities.

This new testing cloud enables app developers and testers to write scripts using MonkeyTalk, a scriptiing language to write test scripts for iOS, Android, Web, HTML5 and Flex apps, then publish your app securely along with the test scirpts right from the MoneyTalk IDE.  Harnessing the power of multiple custom built servers over cloud, it further allows to parallel run the tests for vairety of configurations and combinations of features, resolutions and OS versions. The results further can be captured as an html or xml or a simple email.

The cloud environment enables dynamic mobile-client infrastructure which leverages software emulators for low cost, flexibility, and configurability. Using the latest emulators and simulators provided by OS and device vendors like Google, Apple, Samsung, Motorola, and HTC, CloudMonkey will create virtual versions of whatever devices you need to make your project a success.


“With MonkeyTalk and CloudMonkey, you can record a single test and play it back across a matrix of device configurations, automating the complexity that makes mobile app testing so painful,” said Stu Stern, Gorilla Logic CEO.

This first release of CloudMonkey supports testing on Android emulators. Using its emulator cloud, you can verify your app works properly on every version of Android, at every screen size and pixel density.

Raja Rao

Raja Rao

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