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QUALITIA - Functional Test Automation Platform For Any Tool, Any Technology

Written by  Ritu Saxena | 14 January 2013
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Qualitia is an easy yet powerful script less functional test automation platform for all leading test automation tools like QTP, RFT, Selenium and Web Driver. Qualitia makes test automation Quick, Maintainable and Cost effective. Qualitia has been selected by Gartner for consideration and related assessment in the Magic Quadrant report for 'Integrated Quality Suites' for the year 2013. NASSCOM's LaunchPAD initiative that recognizes the potential of emerging companies in the Indian technology product space has identified Qualitia Soft to be one such promising product.

Within in a short span of the product launch the tool has managed to gain the confidence of noted companies like Sears, KPIT Cummins, PitneyBowes, Kale Consultancy, Bombay Stock Exchange to name a few. Let’s have a closer look at the tool that is grabbing the attention of many to facilitate adoption of Test Automation easier.

Test Automation is intended to increase the ROI for enterprises, so, why is it that enterprise adoption of test automation is not cent per cent. The major reason towards it, in the words of Thomas Murphy, Research Director – Gartner could be “Organizations automate testing as a way to save costs, but are frustrated when they find that automation requires investments and doesn't produce the expected savings”.

Automation tools QTP, RFT, Selenium and Web Driver are best of the breed, cover a lot of technologies and produce effective test automation results but; they carry some excess baggage along, which is not very easy to handle and adds to the cost effectiveness of the tool.

The tools are a bit complex to understand for non-coders and testers and require a good amount of domain knowledge and skill sets. Regression test is not always seamless as different versions of the AUT might require altogether different test cases or a slight change in the AUT might demand a total re-work on the Test Scripts. This adds up to the Initial Time-To-Automate and needless to say, you have to invest in the tool license, skilled resources to handle the tool, resources to maintain the test assets – tools, scripts, results and a lot more.

This is where Qualitia comes into picture. It leverages the benefits that these test automation tools provide by taking care of the excess baggage pegged with the tools. With Qualitia you can reduce the time to automate by 60%, reduce response time to change by 80%, manage dependencies and reduce maintenance in a very easy and efficient manner. Let’s take a look at the notable features of the tool that makes the magic happen.

True Script-less Automation

It is not record & playback tool, it has inbuilt constructors which enables you to create automated test case much faster. All the objects of the AUT are identified and listed in an easy to read and interpret tabular format in a single glance. Users can define a test step/task, if required associate an object with it, assign appropriate action from a list of pre-defined 500 actions with just point and click. Even conditional execution of the test steps does not require coding; it can be done easily via the GUI. The tool provides adequate support for data parameterization and provision to import test steps from previously created test cases to speed up the scripting process.

Ensures Optimized Usage of the Underlying Test Automation Tool

For Test case creation the underlying Test Automation Tools are not required , they are required only for test execution so enterprises can make the best use of the Tool Licenses. A single license can be shared among different teams/individuals in a pipelined manner depending upon the project phase.

Seamless Switching between Test Automation Tools Possible

The test cases created with Qualitia can be executed on all the supported Test Automation Tools. So just in case the enterprise decides to switch onto another automation tool, the transition will be seamless saving a lot of time and money for the enterprise.

End to end Traceability of Testing Assets

Qualitia helps track objects, functionalities, and test cases across test automation life cycle to instantly manage changes whenever the application undergoes change. It also helps manage versions in any version control tool like VSS, CVS, ClearCase and more.

Scheduling and Management Tests Made Easy

The tool also provides support for decision based execution, and filtration of the test cases to be executed in the subsequent run on the basis of last executed status. Another notable feature is ‘Offline Package of Qualitia’ that can execute directly against a functional testing tool without using Qualitia.

Insightful Reports and Dashboard

Qualitia provides easily understandable summary and detail reports with step level status, logs and snapshots. The tool clearly segregates untimely automation failures from Application Defects with reasoning. The execution reports are automatically archived and can be monitored across projects, builds and releases. Result sharing can be discreet based upon the privileges given to a user. In addition to support for reporting formats like HTML, CSV, and EXCEL qualitia supports web based reporting also. The reports can even be customized to suit individual team’s requirements.

Licenses and Pricing

Qualitia comes in two Licensing Categories – Core and Enterprise. The Qualitia Core supports Selanium and Web Driver and Enterprise Supports QPT and RFT in addition to Selanium and Web Driver. Each category has two licensing models Term License and Perpetual License.

Term License for Qualitia Core costs $150 per user/month and Perpetual license costs $4200.

Term License for Qualitia Enterprise costs $210 per user/month and Perpetual license costs $5600.

Scope of Improvement

  • Though Test cases can be executed on any platform it can be created only on windows platform. Support for other platforms would make the tool more accomplished.
  • Integration of bug tracking tools so that raising a defect reduces to click of a button, will come out to be handy for the users of the tool.
  • Support for additional functional testing tools would be add on advantage for the enterprises giving them flexibility to switch between various tools.

Though Qualitia does not compare with any of the test automation tools, its scope is beyond that, many of the features provided in Qualitia are available in some of the other test automation tools like Telerik TestStudio, Froglogic Squish GUI Tester Ranorex, which might lead one to think why to shell out extra money for Qualitia when the tool itself provides adequate support for test automation. Of all the features, one feature that sets Qualitia apart from every tool available today  is its ability to provision Test Automation independent of the underlying Test Automation Tool and the AUT Technology. So in time to come with support for many more test automation tools Qualitia will become a must have entity for every enterprise moving towards test automation.

Ritu Saxena

Ritu Saxena

Ritu is the technical brain behind the website and comes from a strong development background across Web and Mobile platforms. She is our senior editor primarily responsible for Product Reviews and in future will be leading Start-Ups, Mobile and Quality areas.

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