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Vadim Kleyzit Elaborates On The Enterprise & Standalone Edition Of StresStimulus And More

Written by  Ritu Saxena | 24 January 2013
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IVVadimStresStimulus is a Load and Stress Testing tool built on top of Fiddler web debugging proxy by Stimulus Technology. StresStimulus released version 2.5 in the beginning of the year, introducing some new features to the Enterprise Edition of the tool. V2.5 of StresStimulus also completed the majority of the groundwork of migration to a standalone version and introduced a Service Provider Edition of the Tool designed for customers who wish to use StresStimulus to provide services to their own clients.

ToolsJournal had the opportunity to catch up with Vadim Kleyzit, CEO of Stimulus Technology and gather elaborate information on the current and the future versions of the tool.

1. Do you think the Enterprise offering is complete in retrospection to the goals set with the first release of the Enterprise Version?

The Pro Edition targets web developers and QA professionals focusing on the performance of certain elements of web applications. Our goal for the Enterprise Edition was to substantially extend the Pro feature-set to give QA specialists and testing organizations, shopping for a load testing tool, a low-cost alternative with short adoption cycle. With the release of v2.5, the Enterprise Edition now supports distributed testing, multiple test cases and business transactions, combined with easy-to-use point-and-click scripting capability. We will continue to expand Enterprise Edition features and are excited about its progress, as more and more performance professionals experienced with other load testing tools, jump on the StresStimulus bandwagon.

2. V2.5 mentions interfacing with external analytical tools for extended custom reporting, can you please elaborate?

StresStimulus is designed to perform large-scale tests which can run for many hours or even days, so its repository can store millions of HTTP transactions in the embedded SQL Server CE or an external SQL Server. The Pro Edition has multiple performance reports available out-of-the-box. In the Enterprise Edition, on the top of that, full reporting customization capability is allowed. The entire test log and aggregated performance metrics can be accessed by a reporting or business intelligence tool. Users can generate custom reports with detail levels of an individual request, web page, business transaction, or the entire test. Any tool capable of connecting to the SQL Server can be used.

3. What can we expect more in the future releases of the Tool, specially the Enterprise Edition?

Thanks to feedback from the StresStimulus community, we have an elaborate pool of feature requests to select from. Ease-of-use is a signature of StresStimulus from the onset, so we give the highest priority to the features which make load testing easier. For example, in the next version will add a "Parameterization Finder" to simplify creating test scripts. In the Enterprise Edition will add data generators to simulate various random data streams, and functions returning internal and frequently-used variables. Both of them will make it easier to create more realistic tests.

4. Can you elaborate more on the Service Provider Edition of StresStimulus?

Service Provider Edition offers StresStimulus use for servicing other organizations in addition to in-house testing. It provides license portability, where the serial number can be freely moved between the “consultant” and “clients” machines unlimited number of times with prior one-click deactivation. Also, support requests from Service Providers users are bumped up to the front of the line. Service Provider-specific features such as reporting with client branding will be added in the future. Also further differentiation in StresStimulus licensing creates more choices, so every customer can select a license that fits their requirements without overpaying for what is not being used.

5. Can you elaborate on the roadmap of the stand-alone version of StresStimulus?

Telerik’s Fiddler is a very versatile web debugging tool, whose ability goes way beyond web performance. StresStimulus, on the other hand, focuses specifically on load testing, so both tools complement each other when used together. The initiative to develop a standalone version is a response to our long-term vision to assure that the add-on framework will not be a limiting factor to StresStimulus extensibility. For example, using an add-on version in the future SaaS solutions can be problematic. So while our customers are comfortable with the add-on version, the standalone version is necessary to assure future growth and level playing field with other load testing tools. v2.5 completed most of the groundwork of migration to a standalone version. This includes independent load and reporting engines as well as self-contained UI, optimized for load testing. As was outlined in the roadmap, the standalone version will be completed in v3.0.

About compatibility: Fiddler's extensibility framework allows all add-ons to work with the latest Fiddler features. From that respect, we are committed to maintain compatibility of all StresStimulus add-on Edition, including the free edition, with Fiddler. Since the standalone version is independent from Fiddler, their full compatibility is not required. However, certain standards such as .saz format will be supported. Consistent user experience across add-on and standalone versions will be provided as well to make switching between the versions seamless.

6. Are there any plans to come with the SaaS version of the tool?

We are still forming our long-term vision on SaaS versions. While StresStimulus currently is an on-premises testing tool, many of our customers use it for cloud testing, utilizing their Amazon WS accounts. We will continue listening to StresStimulus community’s feedback before developing the SaaS direction.

7. Any further information that you would like to add?

While the product development is extremely important to us, as StresStimulus becomes feature-complete, there will be a shift towards more elaborate customer development. For example, we recently added a support tool allowing our customers to upload their tests to our secure support repository with any questions, directly from StresStimulus. It enables us to examine the test binaries and provide an answer or recommendation, firsthand.

Also, we believe our relationship with the technical community is incredibly important. We offer a free StresStimulus Pro 2.5 licenses to all MVPs by their request under the ‘Microsoft MVP NFR Program’ to give our support to community leaders who generously share their expertise with grassroots.

Ritu Saxena

Ritu Saxena

Ritu is the technical brain behind the website and comes from a strong development background across Web and Mobile platforms. She is our senior editor primarily responsible for Product Reviews and in future will be leading Start-Ups, Mobile and Quality areas.

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