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Chinese Hackers Attack NYTimes And Wall Street Journal

Written by  Harpreet | 04 February 2013
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hackerChinese hackers are at it again. This time they've been targeting The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. The NY Times has reported that Chinese hackers have "persistently attacked" the company's reporters and employees' accounts and computers. The Times has managed to track down the location of these hackers to China using security experts. The company has so far been moderately successful in keeping the attackers at bay.

The Times carried an investigation which was published online on October 25, 2012. The report mentioned relatives of China's prime minister, Wen Jiabao, who had accumulated wealth worth several billion dollars, allegedly through corrupt business deals with the help of the prime minister.

The company reported that the security experts hired had found that the hackers tried to mask the source of the attacks by hacking computers located in US universities. These hackers then routed their attacks using those infected computers so that the source of the attacks came out from US itself. The Times had hired Mandiant's computer security experts to help them. The company found out that these new attacks originated from the same university computers which were used by the Chinese military to attack the US military contractors in the past.

The Wall Street Journal also claimed that it has been a victim of Chinese hackers lately. The Journal reported that these hackers were trying to snoop into their systems and track its China coverage. Journalists at the company reported that information was attained by attackers that allowed them access to journalists' e-mail accounts. However no crucial information has been leaked so far.

This is not the first time Chinese hackers have been blamed for hacking attempts in the US. Although there is still no confirmation whether it was the same group of hackers who targeted both the major media outlets in US this time, it could potentially be a state sponsored mass hacking attempt. An allegation like this isn't new for Beijing, which has been accused of multiple "snooping" attempts. The Journal's publisher Dow Jones & Co. issued a statement that such hacking attempts from China were "an ongoing issue".

The New York Times uses anti-virus software from Symantec which later on claimed that anti-virus software alone is just not enough. It issued a statement after the report that to prevent attacks like the one on The Times, other security programs are necessary. So much for a $15 billion company that built its reputation based on its anti-virus programs.

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