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PingTool For iPhone, Joins ManageEngine Bandwagon Of Free Tools

Written by  Ritu Saxena | 22 February 2013
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PingToolManageEngine, the enterprise IT management software division of Zoho Corporation with more than 70k customers of every size and type in over 200 countries today announced the launch of PingTool for iPhone, a free iPhone native app for server monitoring. With PingTool for iPhone, administrators can now manage the availability of servers, routers, other network devices and websites from an iPhone itself.

ManageEngine provides an impressive suite of products for Network Performance Management, Server Performance Management, Application Performance Management, Virtual Management, Help Desk Management, Windows Management, Log Management and IT Compliance, MSP Solutions and Integrated IT Management and a set of no frills, Free Tools. PingTool for iPhone is the latest addition to the ManageEngine suite of Free Tools.

ToolsJournal had the opportunity to have a quick chat with Mathivanan Venkatachalam, Director of Product Management, ManageEngine Free IT Tools, and gather some more information on it.

ManageEngine Free Tools suite provides around 20 light-weight, C-based, intuitive network management tools which are guided by free email and forum support. There are more that 25K downloads of the Free Tools provided by ManageEngine every month. The Free Tools available are broadly divided into five categories: Windows Management Tools, Network Monitoring Tools, VM Monitoring Tools, Cloud Monitoring Tools, Mobile based Tools

Each category of tools maintains a collection of tiny utility tools for monitoring the overall health and performance of the system and instant troubleshooting.

  • The Windows Management Tools, include Desktop & Server Administration Tools, Active Directory Tools, Exchange Health Monitor, Windows Health Monitor, Windows Service Monitor, Sharepoint Health Monitor and MSSQL Health Monitor.
  • Network Monitoring Tools, include Ping Tool, Process Traffic Monitor, Syslog Forwarder Tool, SNMP MIB Browser.
  • VM Monitoring Tools, include VM Health Monitor Tool, VM Configuration Tool, Hyper V Performance Monitoring Tool, Hyper V Configuration Tool and Xenserver Health Monitor.
  • Cloud Monitoring Tools, include Azure Performance Monitor and EC2 Health Monitor
  • Mobile Based Tools, includes SNMP MIB Browser for Android and Mobile Ping Tool for iPhone.

Free Tools is a channel through which ManageEngine gives back to the community and helps small enterprises grow; there are other reasons why these free tools are as good as any Licensed ManageEngine product.

  • The Set of Free tools complement ManageEngine licensed product suite, hence it is add on service for the existing ManageEngine customers and for others too. Many of the Free tools are developed out of popular demands and feedback from the customers.
  • Free tools provide a mechanism for ManageEngine to reach out to newer markets easily. New technologies and features are made available as free tools and as per the response of the audience its further development course is decided.
  • The small enterprises that get used to ManageEngine Free IT Tools are more likely to upgrade to licensed versions to fulfil the needs of process oriented services of a growing enterprise. Hence the tools act as a foundation stone for building long term relationships for mutual benefit.

Even for the licensed products ManageEngine assures a 90:10 promise to its customers, where they get 90 percent of the features provided by other products belonging to the same ilk at 10 percent of the price. So, free or licensed, ManageEngine will definitely turn out to be a choice that would provide true value for money.

[Image Credits: ManageEngine]

Ritu Saxena

Ritu Saxena

Ritu is the technical brain behind the website and comes from a strong development background across Web and Mobile platforms. She is our senior editor primarily responsible for Product Reviews and in future will be leading Start-Ups, Mobile and Quality areas.

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