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SOASTA CloudTest Lite : Democratization of Performance Testing

Written by  ToolsJournal | 05 September 2011
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SOASTA has introduced CloudTesting in 2006 and has ever since helped hundreds of customers to get their web and mobile applications ready for the traffic. For our customers, long gone are the performance testing challenges of the past. They're finally able to test their application under live condition, something that all development and test organization have struggled with in the past.

  Quote startThis is a guest post written and contributed by Fred Beringer, VP Business Development EMEA at SOASTA. SOASTA provides load and performance testing products as well as solutions available as on-demand cloud serviceQuote end

SOASTA CloudTest customers are able to:

  • Test at real scale (whether you expect 1000, 50 000, 300 000 … Millions of visitors!)
  • Test with realistic traffic coming from OUTSIDE the firewall and from all regions of the world.
  • Find ALL potential performance problems whether they reside in the application, the internal and external infrastructure or coming from external third-parties.
  • Get real-time analysis of the performance of their application at any volume. They don't have to wait hours or days to assess the results of their test, they get them in real-time and they can act on them LIVE.
  • Focus on PERFORMANCE instead of dealing with hardware availability, cost and maintenance.

While SOASTA has been able to help hundreds of customers, we've realized that more than 75% we talk to are not testing their application under live condition. We also found out that most teams are lacking a vary simple and low cost way of testing their application everyday that can be scaled to millions of users when needed. SOASTA CloudTest Lite addresses this gap today and thousands of developers and testers are already using it in their development projects and leverage our global cloud when they're ready to scale.

Here is a quick overview of SOASTA CloudTest Lite

SOASTA CloudTest Lite comes as a Virtual Image. Import it into your favorite VM Management software (VM Player, VMWare Fusion, VirtualBox) and you'll be up and running in less than 5 minutes (Assuming you've registered and downloaded the image from the SOASTA website of course)

SOASTA CloudTest Lite

SOASTA CloudTest Lite is web based, supporting all major browsers ie. Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera. The patented user interface is snappy and really fit into an agile environment.   

SOASTA CloudTest Lite

The SOASTA recorder captures all HTTP traffic (or network packets if you prefer to work at this level) when you record your scenario. Working at this level brings the best flexibility when you want to create the most realistic scenario in later stage.

SOASTA CloudTest Lite

Your clips are built based on your recording, nicely organized into pages. You'll be able to parameterize them, create your transactions, apply session template for fast correlation, inject seed data and get creative if you need through JavaScript to create the most realistic scenario.  

SOASTA CloudTest Lite

Compositions let you organize your clips to replicate your traffic, choose which load server you'd like to use for your test, decide how you'll ramp-up your test etc. With SOASTA CloudTest Lite, you can test with 100 virtual users from your CloudTest Lite instance. The screenshot below shows you a cloud based test available to you when you decide to run your scenario on the SOASTA Global Cloud.

SOASTA CloudTest Lite

SOASTA CloudTest Lite brings you real-time analytics through widget based dashboards allowing you to get a sub-second view of the performance of your application under test. It gives you the luxury to combine, aggregate and correlated all metrics in real-time. No other products in the market brings you such actionable intelligence, available at any volume of virtual users. With SOASTA CloudTest Lite, you can monitor one server within your infrastructure. Other edition of SOASTA CloudTest can interface with all monitor on the market or with the SOASTA Monitor agent, allowing you to find performance bottlenecks within the whole infrastructure the application rely on. 

SOASTA CloudTest Lite
SOASTA CloudTest Lite

If you truly care about the performance of your web or mobile application, try SOASTA CloudTest Lite today!  



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