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SpiraTest Review - What Makes It Complete Test Management Solution?

Written by  Ravi Vadugu | 04 October 2011
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Summary Review: SpiraTest is a one pack solution for your Test Management requirements. Product has very good combination of requirement and release management, overall test case and test management including incident, bug tracking and change management. The product also comes with support to risk and issue management with a powerful dashboard as an information radiator. What makes it different the workflow support for all the test management entities along with very powerful test execution interface as the product core. Relationship between various test management entities like requirements, releases, iterations, testcases, testsets, defects, incidents and risks is very intuitive. It may take sometime for an initial understanding of user experience, however once you work through it, it is a sensibly designed product. SpriaTest is a very good tool for small to medium project/programme landscape. Combined with other products in the suite like SpiraPlan, Spirateam it could be useful ALM solution.


Quote startKeeping meetings short but at the same time productive is always one of the top challenges. Dashboard can help achieve this goal
Quote end
  • My Page is a personalised dashboard of the person who is logged in. This contains all of users searches, assigned incidents, requirements etc. On single click user could easily navigate or retrieve relavant information
  • Project Dashboard give all relavant information associated with a specific project. This one screen could be used in the status or progress meeting and keep meetings short.


Requirements and Release Management

Quote startIntegrations exists with other requirement management softwares like Rational Requisite Pro and use cases with Enterprise architecht. There are plans to extend integrations with Jama contour and Telelogic DOORS.
Quote end
  • Releases and iterations can be created. Requirements can be associated with Releases. Relevant documents can be uploaded and associated to various artifacts for e.g. requirements, test cases etc.
  • Requirements can be created and linked as parent and child requirements. Very easy to indent and outdent to form the heirarchy
  • Inline edit of requirements by single click
  • Powerful filter to customize your views. Colour code criticality classification of requirements
  • Workflow for requirement to pass through various stages like Requested, Evaluated, Rejected, Accepted, InProgress, Completed and more


Test Case Management

Quote startYou can attach test automation scripts to test cases in SpiraTest. SpiraTest supports a wide variety of test automation engines (both commercial and open-source) including QTP, Squish, TestComplete and Selenium.
Quote end
  • Hierarchical Test Cases can be created which are associated with Project, Release, Requirement, Test Set.
  • Can build reusable Test Sets reducing effort in future.
  • Each Test Case has a collection of Test Steps. During Test execution if any of the steps fail, an incident could be raised and linked to test step.
  • Test cases can be grouped into a Test set e.g. Functional, regression etc. which can be assigned to Tester or Automation hosts.
  • There is complete traceability between Requirement, Test Case and Incident. Test runs are archived, so any previously executed Test run could be viewed to check if recent changes have introduced any failures.




Incident Management

Quote startThere is a built-in screen capture utility for quickly adding screenshots to a test execution or incident report
Quote end
  • Incidents can be created, assigned, Tracked, linked to a step in test case.
  • Workflow of incident (for e.g. New->Assigned->Developed->fixed) can be created, modifed in the Administration screen.
  • Incident types (Bug, Change request, Enhancement etc.) can be created. Each incident type can have its own specific workflow.
  • [Very useful feature] Each incident can be traced back to requirement giving a clear idea of importance of incident.



  • Good library of pre built reports exists.
  •  Customize reports can be created.
  • Reports can be exported in various formats like pdf, Microsoft word, Excel etc.


  • There are Rich administrative features in SpiraTest.
  • These features include Customizable fields, Customizable workflows etc.
  • Also administration screens for Project, users, Incidents, Notifications, Documents, General settings and Integrations.



  • Apart from having it own suite of products, SpiraTest integrates with variety of software for Test Automation, Requirements and Defect tracking systems.
  • Following is a quick overview:


  • SpiraTest based on the above analysis of features is an end to end solution for Test Managment. Ofcourse at times UI looks like there are so many features than needed. There is a bit of learning curve to use all the features effectively. Once user gets familiar with the features SpiraTest can easily and effectively used.

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Ravi Vadugu

Ravi Vadugu

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