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Multi Browser Web Performance Monitoring Enabled By SmartBear's Altersite

Written by  Ravi Vadugu | 17 November 2011
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SmartBear Software today announced that AlertSite, the company’s Web and mobile performance monitoring solution, will support testing on both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers. Organizations can now test, monitor and improve how their website is performing across both browsers to ensure customers are getting an optimal user experience, no matter their browser preference.

The AlertSite built-into-the-browser transaction recorder captures and plays back user events to measure the end-user experience exactly as it unfolds in the browser. Now users can record any multi-step transaction or click stream and play it back on multiple browsers to simulate user experience. Unlike other Web monitoring tools that require separate recording processes for each browser, AlertSite users can simply record once and monitor from both Firefox and Internet Explorer across multiple locations.

Bojan Simic, President and Principal Analyst at TRAC Research, said, “TRAC's research shows that the Web browser is the number one "blind spot" in the application delivery chain. As the amount of application component processing in the browser is increasing, organizations are realizing that they need to gain more visibility into how the performance of the Web browser impacts the quality of user experience. AlertSite's announcement allows organizations to address one of the key challenges for application performance monitoring and enables them to have more control over the quality of Web experience."

Ken Godskind, Vice President of Monitoring Solutions for SmartBear Software, said, “Today there are more browser options than ever, and each browser has very unique qualities that can impact load times of your application. We realize the importance for online businesses to know exactly how their website is performing no matter which browser their customers prefer, and today, Internet Explorer and Firefox have the largest share of the browser market. Our website monitoring service offers a fast and simple way for users to get a multi-browser snapshot of their website’s performance to help them manage the user experience. We plan to add new browsers in the coming months as we continue to provide our customers with the most comprehensive insight to improve their online performance.”

AlertSite monitors Web and mobile performance from more than 70 data centers located on every major continent. Internet Explorer 8 testing is now available from six global locations. Multi-browser support is also available for AlertSite’s Web Test on Demand, an instant way to get detailed insight into how websites and applications are performing at any moment from a specific monitoring location.

Ravi Vadugu

Ravi Vadugu

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