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PractiTest Review: Cloud Based Test Management Tool

Written by  Ravi Vadugu | 25 January 2012
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PractiTestQuick overview: Over years, having used various test management software’s, I found PractiTest to be a very good test management tool with rich productivity features like inline editing, Fast filters, Batch editing etc. It also has some very intuitive features like hierarchical tree view of different items in all areas like requirements, Test Library, Test Sets & runs and issues.

Going through the site there is plethora of information about the tool like organised documents, videos etc. Being a cloud based tool there will be no or minimal IT infrastructure/maintenance required. Flexible Licensing costs available based on packages required. Cost also includes whole package of security, backups and maintenance, customer support in multiple languages and unlimited entities, attachments and custom fields. PractiTest can be used by small, medium to large organisations with flexible licensing models including pay as you go.

Management features/requirements

From management perspective I would be interested in using a tool which is “good, fast, cheap and reports”. Mostly only two/three of the four are present, but with PractiTest, looks like it comes with a complete package.

  • Dashboard feature helps in giving a clear visualisation of the project.
  • Learning curve needed for team is less since the product being straight forward and self explanatory. Team could be productive really fast.
  • Export features in various formats like csv, xml and others will help in integration with other tools, or generate much richer reports from the content if required.
  • Hierarchical custom views can be created which can be used for taking quick decisions
  • Flexible licensing model means, more flexibility in finalising a package required for specific purpose.
  • Custom reports can be generated which can be used for management information

Test Management Features

In Test Management Tool, on a very basic level, I would expect to be able to capture requirements, create test suites, run test cases and raised bugs or CRs based on outcome of test run. Does PractiTest have these? Yes PractiTest has all the features discussed at the same time have very rich features.

  • Requirements Management could be captured and organised hierarchically, giving better view of requirements. Each requirement can have additional attachments or relevant information along with traceability to test cases and issues. Prioritisation is also possible with additional fields.
  • Test case Management can be created, managed and run in similar way. Can be traced to requirements and any relevant issues raised.
  • Issues Management could be raised and managed depending on the test runs. Issue could be raised even by sending email to specific mail id even if system is not accessible. Notifications could be sent to interested parties.
  • User Groups could be created with access to different areas. This will giving privileges to users based on the activity they are doing
  • Any number of custom fields can be added required for different areas like requirements, Test cases etc.

Productivity features

There are quite a few productivity features in PractiTest, which helps in managing the end to end test management in a better way.

  • Inline editing helps in quickly editing records
  • Faster filter on issues page, helps in viewing relevant information quickly
  • Duplicate entity handling, eradicates the same issue being raised twice and closed later.
  • View Tree helps viewing customised
  • Mail notification helps communication being sent as soon as issue is updated.
  • Cloning and importing test cases, steps etc., helps in creation of similar entities quickly rather than creating individually.
  • Settings help in personalising the UI for project as well as individuals.

Integration with other tools

  • Currently PractiTest have integrations with SVN, Bugzilla, JIRA, FogBugs & Redmine.
  • It also have API to enable project teams to integrate with other or proprietary tools. 
  • A bit of research reveals that integration with GIT and additional bug tracking tools is in the future roadmap.



  • Smaller learning curve.
  • Plenty of documentation, videos and support available.
  • Better visualisation with Dashboard.
  • Support for multiple languages.
  • Hosted in cloud, so no or minimal IT infrastructure required.


There are couple of minor areas which I think could be improved.

  • Issues screen is inconsistent with other screen. Would have liked faster filters and pagination layout in requirements, test cases similar to issues screen.
  • Personally I would like to be able to capture and retrieve information about estimation for test execution for iteration


Overall I think PractiTest is a very good tool, which has rich test management features and productivity features saving lot of time while achieving basic tasks required for test management. Licensing model is one of the best with no contracts and pay as you go etc.

Ravi Vadugu

Ravi Vadugu

An IT professional with over 12 years of experience. Project management is what i do. Curious/Interested in upcoming technologies, trends, software methodologies(e.g. Agile) and software tools. Love sharing knowledge with rest of the community.

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