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Unlimited Virtual Users Load Testing Made Possible with Load Tester PRO(TM) 5.0

Written by  Ritu Saxena | 30 April 2012
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load testerLoad Tester PRO(TM) steps up a gear to enable capability of generating load up to 10 hundred thousand virtual users or in hypothetical terms unlimited virtual users. Load Tester PRO(TM) claims an innovative use of the cloud to generate a huge amount of configurable traffic on the website under test. The best part of the offering is affordable flat rate pricing structure.

Major highlights of the product include Load Tester PRO(TM) is any browser any technology solution. It is possible to test any browser like IE, chrome, Safari, also Load Tester PRO(TM) integrates easily with existing technology on most platforms, including AJAX, Apache and http, PHP, Java and J2EE, ASP and .NET. It lets you configure user inputs such as login, form data and a lot more with just a click of the mouse. Proprietary load-generation balancing and `monitoring algorithms specifically designed for the cloud reduce the gap between the simulated and the real scenario. It has the capability to accurately simulate every aspect of the browser and the results presented prove very useful in analyzing how much load the site subject to test can support. The new release is optimized to handle large tests

Optimal costing of the product was made possible by the intelligent use of the cloud as explained by Michael Czeiszperger Web Performance president

"Current pricing models for load testing are based on how the web was 15 years ago. With the advent of the cloud the real cost of generating 100,000 users is about the same as generating 1,000, so you shouldn't pay 100 times as much, Our pricing reflects the new reality so you don't need a calculator to figure out what your load testing will cost today or tomorrow."

To give you an idea about the pricing of the product - Permanent, unlimited license with 90-days of basic support for Load Tester PRO(TM) costs $4000. The support can be upgraded after expiration of 90 days free support at the cost of $2500 for basic support and $5000 for premium support.

There is also a free version of the product called Load Tester Lite in which load generation from the user's computer is free. This can be upgraded to load generation from Amazon EC2-based load engines at a cost of $1/computer/hour.

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Ritu Saxena

Ritu Saxena

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