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Whats New In Ranorex 3.3 Test Automation Software

Written by  Ritu Saxena | 03 May 2012
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ranorexRanorex a cost effective UI automation and test management tool based on standard programming techniques and languages, ideal for development teams of all sizes will be coming up Ranorex 3.3 version most likely to be released in the mid of Q2 2012. Let’s have a look at the fresh bunch of features that will be bundled up with the release.

If your organization is on the path of mobilization then I am sure you must be on a look out for mobile automated functional testing solutions. If you are already using Ranorex for your web and desktop applications and do not want to step out of your comfort zone to align yourself with the goals set by your organization, then there is no need for it now, as Ranorex has aligned itself with the mobile UI testing needs of an organization with its latest release.

Ranorex has added a plug-in for testing native Android applications on real devices in the coming release. Even for the users who are not using Ranorex, the solution is worth giving a try considering Ranorex strong object recognition capabilities.  With the latest release you will be able to record and execute tests over both Wi-Fi and USB connections. Testing over Wi-Fi gives you the flexibility to execute same test on a multitude of Android devices of varying configurations.

If you had been missing the automation of SAP GUI controls in Ranorex, then your wait is over as the new release will also have a plug in facilitating automation of SAP UI controls.

The experience of automating web elements becomes even better. The overhauled search procedure helps faster recognition and automation of web elements. There are some improvisations in terms of RanoreXPath generation also. Now you have shorter RanoreXPath’s that ensure robust identification of web elements for cross-browser automation.

Ranorex provides modularization features using which the related steps of the test code/ recorded test case can separated into modules, and these modules can be reused to create altogether new test cases. The modularization capability is taken a step further by addition of features that enable users to specify parameters for each module group providing more flexibility to the user in organizing the test cases.

Ranorex Object Repository can be used to manage GUI objects for recordings or test automation code. The RanoreXPath identification information and test automation can be separated with the help of a repository thereby significantly reducing the time to maintain the tests. Improvised editing of repository items and adaptation of attributes in the new release makes the maintenance process easier.


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Ritu Saxena

Ritu Saxena

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