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TestLodge is a hosted web app and has a simple, clean and useable interface.TestLodge allows the entire team to manage test plans, requirements, test cases and test runs all in one place. With all executed test suites and results in one place, along with activity feeds and graphs, you will easily be able to see the status of each project.


SpiraTest® makes the software testing life cycle more productive and efficient. SpiraTest provides a complete quality assurance software testing solution in one package. SpiraTest manages your project's requirements, test cases, bugs and issues in one environment along with full requirements traceability.


Netsparker® can find and report security issues such as SQL Injection and Cross-site Scripting (XSS) in all web applications regardless of the platform and the technology they are built on. It's unique detection and exploitation techniques allows it to be dead accurate in reporting hence it's the  only False Positive Free web application security scanner.

TestUp Management

TestUp is a powerful and easy to use test management tool that enables creating and executing test cases and sets as well as manage regression and sanity sets. It enables the management of the quality assurance team and tracking of software testing progress.

Testing Anywhere

Testing Anywhere, allows testers to record test cases with little or no-programming. A clear user interface enables testers to become productive with test automation in no time at all. Testing Anywhere delivers on the test automation promise of executing your testing more efficiently.


QMetry is a Test Management software uniquely designed to improve the efficiency of Quality Assurance teams, while empowering teams to support their quality objectives. QMetry enables testing teams to focus on test activities while providing a zero maintenance platform. With its centralized repository, QMetry makes it easy for team members to gather/organize/share infor

VS Test Professional 2010

Microsoft Visual Studio Test Professional 2010 is loaded with testing and lab-management features that streamline the testing process. Test teams can thoroughly test and debug application code, as well as effectively collaborate with developers and other project members.


QPack Software testing tool work with QPack central Application Lifecycle Management System, allowing for more efficient test management, sharing of project data, tracking, and monitoring of development activities.  QPack's test management tool is designed for both hardware and software testing.


The Ranorex toolset allows to automate your UI testing by recording your UI actions without the need to write any code. However, all recordings can have a code file in the background, which gives you the possibility to customize your test scripts if you wish to. Its excellent object recognition enables you to identify the UI elements of your application, regardless


Klaros-Testmanagement is an Ajax-based web application. Its user-friendly web interface and a multitude of useful features supports the  key areas of test management consist of gathering, managing and evaluating all relevant data of the test process  It also enables to have all demanding task under control - right from the start of the project.


Nuevosoft Test Manager streamlines, unifies and automates the test management process across all systems, software and services. It promotes collaboration between geographically and organizationally distributed teams of Product Managers, Quality Assurance, R&D and outsourced service vendors, resulting in greater quality, transparency and reduced (or zero) defects.

Wind River

Wind River Test Management is a scalable system that adds value to your existing test and development environments to enhance automation, control, traceability, and feedback. It leverages unique, dynamic instrumentation technology to measure test coverage, map test-to-code traceability, profile performance, enable white-box access, and speed diagnostics of complex devices—all at run-time


DEFENSICS™ 3  test platform has been applying fuzzing techniques to provide preemptive security testing for network equipment manufacturers, operators, consumer electronics companies, enterprises and governmental organizations. It introduces several major enhancements in the areas of productivity, usability, and root cause analysis.  It is also easier to integrate with customer testing frameworks and test control systems.


eValid Website Testing and Analysis Suite is a browser-based application offering high performance and reliability, is the most fully automated website testing solution. It allows testing of web applications from the same viewpoint as your clients, giving you optimum visibility into your application before delivery.

QATraq Professional

QaTraq Professional provides the structure to the process of software testing. QaTraq Professional brings together, into one single location, all the test artefacts of the software testing projects. With QaTraq Software Testing Tool testing team knows what they have to test, when they have to test it and, crucially, how they need to test it.


TestComplete is an automated testing tool that lets you create, manage and run tests for any Windows, Web or Rich Client software. It makes it easy for anyone to create automated tests. And automated tests run faster, increase test coverage and lower costs.


Load2Test is an integrated, extensible load testing framework for performance validation and root cause analysis in development, test and staging environments.It can be applied to custom, composite, and packaged applications. Load2Test is an integral part of Enteros’s innovative EPPM platform that supports performance problem management across the enterprise.


Parasoft's full-lifecycle quality platform, which includes Parasoft SOAtest and Parasoft Load Test, ensures secure, reliable, compliant business processes. It was built from the ground up to prevent errors involving the integrated components—as well as reduce the complexity of testing in today's distributed, heterogeneous environments.


ReQtest has always focused on web-based testing and bug reporting and has always been offered as a service, SaaS (Software as a Service)

Test Coverage

Semantic Designs supplies test (or code) coverage tools for arbitrary procedural languages. Such tools provide statistics and detail information about which parts of an application program have been executed (usually by a test suite). This information is invaluable to software teams to help determine the readiness of software for actual use. The type of coverage informa

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