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wavemakerWaveMaker, Inc. provides WaveMaker Enterprise - aPaaS software for rapid application delivery of enterprise custom apps. WaveMaker Enterprise provides benefits such as visual rapid application development, out of the box support for security, web services integration and data modelling, high performance cloud platform based on Docker containers, a self-service management console that provides simplified administration and many more such features.

Jonathan TempleWearable Technology is fast catching up in recent technological innovations. A range of wearable devices are coming up these days to help us in various ways. ToolsJournal had the opportunity to talk to Jonathan Temple about Wearable Tech Revolution.

5 cloud mythsThe existence of the cloud and its potential importance in the future is beginning to seep into the public consciousness. The cloud is now becoming an important part of people’s lives and everyday business. Yet many people are still not au fait with this technology, and many baseless myths continue to circulate regarding a technology transformative potential. Here are five of the most significant.

amazon cloudThe retail firm, Amazon, have already established themselves as the world’s biggest player in the cloud market. Already the world’s biggest retailer, the company has significantly diversified from its humble beginnings as a bookseller. Initially its Kindle reader and tablet computer reached a large market, and now the company has become the dominant player in the embryonic cloud space. But how have the managed this?

google amazon cloudsIt is pretty common knowledge now, certainly to people interested in the cloud, that Amazon has been the early pacesetter in this emerging technology. But given that the cloud will be, and indeed already is, a hugely significant platform in the future, many other big players are already trying to play catch-up. And they don’t get much bigger than Google, who are already exhibiting the signs of an aggressive strategy towards the cloud. So who will come out on top in the cloud storage war – Amazon or Google?

silkSilk, provider of a cloud-based data publishing platform that lets non-technical users manage their structured and unstructured content as easy-to-search collections of web pages and visualizations, today announced Silk for Teams, the company’s first paid offering. Silk also announced a $1.6 million extended seed round investment from New Enterprise Associates (NEA).

cloudmunch openstackCloudMunch, the DevOps management platform provider, announced today that it is releasing the world’s first Open DevOps platform for OpenStack.  The CloudMunch Open DevOps solution makes it possible for software developers to deploy applications rapidly onto OpenStack cloud infrastructure.

cedexisCedexis, a leading global SaaS platform for Big Data optimization of website and mobile application availability and performance, today announced an extension of its Radar community services with the addition many new Clouds to the Radar independent benchmark and the availability of Radar reports as an app for Windows 8.

Sunday, 07 April 2013

Protecting Your Tablet at Work

tabletsEntertaining as they are, tablet computers and smartphones are not all fun and games. With 75 percent of all workers involved in jobs that require mobility, handheld devices are playing an increasing role in business.

onine identityGoals for the New Year typically involve getting in shape, saving money, becoming better organized or finally taking that tropical vacation. Whether you’re interested in jet-setting around the globe or simply getting more organized, you should not ignore the role the virtual world plays in your everyday life.

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