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ToolsJournal interview with "ScrumDo"

Written by  ToolsJournal | 10 April 2011
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scrumdoAs part of our continuous engagement with all tools suppliers to get you the latest updates, new tools launched and happenings with wonderful software tools, we have interviewed "Ajay Reddy" who had been Product Onwner, Scrum Expert, Contributor, Developer of a wonderful scrum management tool "ScrumDo", that is increasingly getting popular for its simplicity and ease of use. As per Ajay, "Mark Hughes" is the other key contributor/developer of ScrumDo.


To back up this statement of ScrumDo's popularity, i guess its worth going through few stats that "ScrumDo" team have shared with us

  • Nearing 1900 users in about 12 weeks since launch on 01/16/2011. This does not include those who have downloaded the software as installed versions.
  • Close to 1450 projects on hosted version alone within 3 months from launch
A few highlights of ToolsJournal interview with ScrumDo team are listed below. 
Interview podcast:

ToolsJournal: How did it all start. Explain your journey designing the tool. What made you create ScrumDo?

ScrumDo Team: I have been using Scrum as methodology for about 3.5 years now. Have worked as Scrum Master, Product Owner, Contributor and as part of these roles have used many scrum tools like ScrumworksPro, Pivotal Tracker, Spreadsheets, Basecamp, Jira and couple of other webapps. There are tons of them right? Firstly we found them lacking and not suiting Scrum as purist mindframe or even like modified scrum methods as we do to fit our own teams.

We have 12 different teams working on Scrum in our company and clients. We all use spreadsheets and Basecamp and having tried Jira with spreadsheets, we were not happy with the tools. Mark and I work together, both love Scrum and were not happy with tools we were using and always had to fit simple scrum methodology into the tool and not the other way round. Thats how ScrumDo came into existience.

Perfect!. I hope ScrumDo will be useful for people who are looking for simplicity. Could you please explain features of ScrumDo along with some key differentiators on why we should use ScrumDo

ScrumDo Team:
Sure. One is we all believe in making easy to use tools and everyone keeps saying that. We had a background in usability and its been like forefront of changes
  • We wanted ScrumDo to be very easy to use. That was one of the top drivers
  • We wanted the tool to be very cheap. We didnt want users to feel like most of other tools which are $10 per user or higher.
  • We wanted to keep it for people who cannot afford, to always have a free version
  • People who are concerend about security, to be able to host it on their own servers and maintain it themselves. Its LGPL 2.1
  • For those who want more and more users, we do have 3 different packages 20 users, 50 users and 150 users which is very reasonably priced on the price scale

Apart from basic Scrum features to maintain projects, backlogs, users, timeboxing and others Personally i like Basecamp Integration, File Attachments to User Stories, Easy to Use API's. I am building iPhone client right now along with ScrumDo API's. Other thing that people seem to love is "Integrated Planning Poker" for distributed teams, one of the things that remained a challenge is team estimation, and that is built into our scrum tool which appears to be a big hit.

Thats Amazing. Ajay, one thing i guess you will be pleased to know is we are reviewing "ScrumDo" which will be published soon. Personally we did love features like "Predictions", "History", "Ease of Use", "Drag and Drop" functions and many others. Can you just explain us if there are any differences between Open Source and Commercial versions or is it all the same?

ScrumDo Team:
Thanks for the review. Yeah. The few things you get with commercial version, although we could add lot more are "Instant BurnUp Chart" so the BurnUp chart for free version is a nightly cron job, commercial versions have instantaneous burnup charts. Basecamp integration and file attachments and like are commercial version specific features, however the rest of it including import/export and all basic to advanced scrum features will always be available free.

Concept of giving the product as opensource is really impressive and is a noble thought. Thanks for that. We hope you continue developing the product and enable users to use the features as opensource. One last question Ajay, One message to our Scrum Community from yourself, What would that be?

ScrumDo Team:
"Enjoy Scrum with ScrumDo".

Perfect :). Thanks for your time and have a good day.

ScrumDo Team:
Thanks for the opportunity

About ScrumDo

ScrumDo is a web app to manage your agile Scrum based projects. It provides you the tools to create and track user stories in your project. The product is not aimed at everything for everyone, however it definitely is capable of running the scrum based projects with all required minimum features. If you are looking for a simple scrum management tool then here is one with basic backlog/user stories management along with some good features like predictions, history, integrated poker planning, basecamp integration along with API's and iPhone app. ScrumDo is registered trademark of ScrumDo, LLC. 



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