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Rally IdeaManager Improves Agile Feedback Loops

Written by  Sudheer Raju | 30 June 2011
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Product managers have another challenge in our competitive world — they can’t just take feature requests at face value. True product innovation comes from understanding the WHY behind feature requests. Rally Idea Manager is a social site specifically designed for actively engaging users in frequent conversations and getting to the WHY.


Rally Idea Manager
was released a year ago to help product managers effectively prioritize their product backlogs by increasing the understanding of users’ needs. Powered by our partner Brightidea, the leader in ideation and innovation systems, Rally Idea Manager is honed for product marketers and product managers working with Agile teams.

With a year behind the Idea Manager, the improved version comes with following features including integration of idea manager with Rally Stories for the first anniversary. 

  • A user reputation system and leaderboard: to monitor and incentivize user participation in the community
  • Customizable idea tabs: for users to easily locate their favorite ideas and for product managers to highlight special features in this week’s discussions
  • Improved search: to minimize the creation of duplicate ideas
  • Rally integration enhancements: to link new ideas to existing Rally stories and update idea statuses based on any Rally story states
  • Better idea status change notifications: to keep users informed of specific status changes
  • A “idea interest report by company” report: to better understand the specific needs of a given customer
A Video Presentation Of Enhancements

[HT: Rally]


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Sudheer Raju

Sudheer Raju

Founder of ToolsJournal, a technology journal on software tools and services. Sudheer has overall accountability for the webiste product development and is responsible for Sales and Marketing. With a flair to write, Sudheer himself writes for toolsjournal across all journal categories.

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