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UrbanCode Introduces DevOps Platform

Written by  ToolsJournal | 12 July 2011
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UrbanCode DevOps Platform is the next generation build and deployment solution after recent rebranding of AnthillPro product. As part of this rebranding, UrbanCode's DevOps Platform separates out core functionality into two, distinct areas based on how customers use AnthillPro: build automation and deployment automation. The new DevOps Platform is the next evolution of UrbanCode's vision for software delivery management. Designed to provide complete, end-to-end automation and management for your software projects, the Platform enables UrbanCode to further address the changing world of software delivery. 


The Platform is composed of two separate, but linked, products that can either work together or separately: UrbanBuild and UrbanDeploy. For those looking for an end-to-end solution, the DevOps Platform is your best choice. If you want to solve a build-only problem, UrbanBuild is for you. For operations and other teams looking for application deployment solutions, UrbanDeploy was designed with you in mind. 


Designed to solve the unique build problems for enterprises, UrbanBuild provides Enterprise Continuous Integration; integrates with the most common development tools; allows teams to run unit/functional test and then gather the results into a data warehouse; as well as provide a complete audit trail from code change up to deployment. 

 UrbanBuild comes with following major features

  • Automated builds — builds can be triggered to run automatically on code or dependency change. UrbanBuild supports the most complex build scenarios.
  • Automated tests — UrbanBuild ensures that test hardware doesn't sit idle. It moves the code to the test hardware, triggers the tests, and collects the results. UrbanBuild provides detailed trending for test results — even for your home-grown test harness!
  • Support for Heterogeneous environments including C#, Java, C/++ and works with a wide variety of tools and processes.
  • Ability to extend UrbanBuild by creating your own integrations. View Plugin Framework.
  • Fully Scalable across geographically distributed teams and multiple data centers


As an application release automation server, UrbanDeploy is used to manage deployments of distributed (multi-tier) and service-oriented applications. With support for incremental deployments, UrbanDeploy allows you to only deploy the changes and not the entire application. UrbanDeploy also has out-of-the-box integrations with deployment targets such as JEE servers, MS IIS, and more. With a release calendar, rollbacks, and enforced promotion paths through environments, UrbanDeploy provides complete visibility and control of even the most complex deployment paths. 

Key features of UrbanDeploy Include:

  • Deploy multi-tier and service oriented applications
  • Incremental deployments
  • Built In Rollbacks
  • Configuration changes
  • Promote across multiple environments
UrbanCode has said that AnthillPro will still be suppoted at its current state for near future. So if you are on AnthillPro, though safe for now better start moving on to the new DevOps Platform.

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