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Distributed Teams Can Work In Harmony With DevSuite 9.0 From TechExcel

Written by  Ravi Vadugu | 16 April 2012
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TechExcelDev90TechExcel Inc., provider of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions, announced release of TechExcel DevSuite 9.0. Distributed teams is norm of the day. What best can happen if distributed teams can work seamlessly.

TechExcel DevSuite 9.0 is an integration platform for requirements management, implementation tracking and quality management. Best features of this tool being enabling collaborative and flexible development across globally distributed teams resulting in improved business agility and software quality. This results in increase to TCO,ROI, percentage completed on time and within budget, and customer satisfaction from their development projects.

Customer-requested features and enhancements include:

  • Better User Experience: The DevSuite Web GUI has been improved to take advantage of all available space to represent data, whether in tabs or pop-up windows
  • Full Lifecycle Traceability: A comprehensive and real-time view of all internal and external processes and resources, including portfolio management, requirements, development, and QA Testing
  • Sprint Planning View: Quickly and easily view linked requirements, release backlog and product/defect backlog and use drag-and-drop capabilities to populate the sprint based on priority
  • MS Word Integration: Requirements created in Word can now be easily imported. Users can also export requirements to Word, make edits and then have them automatically synced.

Multi-site Support for Globally Distributed Development
Modern software development involves multiple teams located across the globe. With built-in Multi-site support, DevSuite 9.0 enables globally-split teams to work and collaborate as if co-located by providing each team a local server from which they can perform all their tasks that automatically syncs with a System Master Site. Enabling LAN-speed over the WAN for daily operations like viewing and editing tasks, reporting, and downloading design documents, can easily save 20+ minutes a day per team member. When totaled throughout the year, this becomes a significant cost saving as well as leading to gains in productivity and quality. The DevSuite Multi-site architecture also provides 24x7 availability and can be easily scaled by adding additional servers to meet the increased demand for processing power or distribution.

Single Interface for Managing Mixed Methodologies
Unique feature of DevSuite 9.0 is single interface for different methodologies. Few teams could implement Agile and few traditional and hybrid methodologies. Using convenient web interface, administrators can create project templates to enforce any development workflow, assign tasks, and view real-time project metrics. Real-time project visibility enables teams to detect and resolve issues as they occur, minimizing QA and rework.

Native iPad and Android Tablet Applications
The use of smart mobile devices in business today is ubiquitous and continues to grow at the speed of light. DevSuite 9.0 enables portfolio level reporting and document management via iOS and Android applications.

TechExcel has refactored all modules within DevSuite to improve overall performance by as much as 400% in some cases. The company has also added features to further extend traceability and visibility of requirements and specifications during the planning, development and testing phases.

DevSuite consists of Portfolio, DevSpec, DevPlan, DevTrack, DevTest, KnowledgeWise, and optionally DevTime. The suite can be purchased as a whole or the individual modules can be purchased as needed. Available as a desktop and internet solution, DevSuite provides powerful workflow and process automation, robust searching and reporting, and simple point-and-click customization. It also features an intuitive user interface, universal ODBC support, advanced email notification, built-in time tracking, extensive customization options, and presentation-quality reports and graphics.

“Our goal is to help our users achieve a balanced and sustainable development environment that encourages teamwork, promotes self-motivated performance, and manage software projects according to their own unique needs and priorities” said Dr. Tieren Zhou, TechExcel Founder and Chief Software Architect. “DevSuite 9.0 allows these organizations to scale agility to match the size and pace of their organization, while also tapping into new global markets and access to global talent to shorten development cycles and reduce costs.”

Ravi Vadugu

Ravi Vadugu

An IT professional with over 12 years of experience. Project management is what i do. Curious/Interested in upcoming technologies, trends, software methodologies(e.g. Agile) and software tools. Love sharing knowledge with rest of the community.

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