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Ravi Vadugu

Ravi Vadugu

An IT professional with over 12 years of experience. Project management is what i do. Curious/Interested in upcoming technologies, trends, software methodologies(e.g. Agile) and software tools. Love sharing knowledge with rest of the community.

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qasymphonyQASymphony recently announced major update of its agile test management platform qTest. This release not only provides integration with tools like Jira but also provides API support to integrate with Selenium.

versiononeVersionOne has announced its spring 2014 release and the focus appears to be release management and collaboration along with enhanced integrations. Not long ago in winter the company has released epic release planning, planning room feature to create any number of boards and timelines, analytics panels and updates.

targetprocessRecently TargetProcess has announced launch of TargetProcess 3 with many new features, functional and non-functional. Few of the notable features being better user experience, better visualization of data, improved boards like Kanban board, Task board and others. Let us dig few of these enhancements

infinidb analyticsInfiniDB, a provider of high-performance analytic data platforms, released its new version of its fourth generation columnar data platform. Faster analytical reporting is one of the key factors to survive the cut-throat competition today. The latest updates take InfiniDB in that direction.

targetprocess3Sharing a board with anyone is now easy with Targetprocess3. In a true agile development team’s prioritisation sense, ability to share a Board with anyone is one of the ideas which have more number of votes; hence this feature has been developed.


There are thousands of apps in iTunes store under the category of “Health and Fitness” and quite a few of them are specific to “Medical”. It is up to individual to decide which app is apt for their needs. For those living with Diabetes, self-management, self-realization and self-discipline are must. iTunes App Store has plenty of such apps. DiaLife is one such good app for people with Diabetes.

spirav4Inflectra announces release of SpiraTest, SpiraPlan And SpiraTeam 4.1 with New Features and Enhancements. This new version includes support for requirement workflows, task workflows, use cases, as well as improved agile planning and requirements/task management.

versiononeVersionOne, announces several new features in its Winter 2014 Release to deliver more value early. One of the new features being Release Planning by Feature, to facilitate easier release planning in support of strategic business initiatives.

ca technologiesCA Technologies and the Ponemon Institute, an independent research firm, released a study commissioned by CA Technologies that shows companies have improved their practices around cloud computing security compared to a previous study from 2010.

sailpointInitially businesses were sceptical to adopt Cloud Computing mostly due to security reasons, apart from other concerns. But now they are more or less comfortable with the new technology. Next threat seems to be the rise of smart devices. BYOD being accepted widely accepted across the industry, once again the security concerns are being voiced out. Mobility Management has also become all the more important in the new environment.

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