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Written by  Sudheer Raju | 03 January 2011
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Enterprise search is the practice of making content from multiple enterprise-type sources, such as databases and intranets, searchable to a defined audience. As any other search the focus of enterprise search is on Content that goes through various phases from source repository to search results

Basic componenets of any enterpise search are "Content Ingestion", "Content Processing and Analysis", "Content Indexing", "Query Phrasing" and "Matching". Many enterprise search systems does come with few extensions in terms of "Related Search", "Suggestive Search" and various other functions. In the article lets see what are core "Enterprise Search Tools" available in the market as of today that could be put to best use by any enterprise. We have focussed to get all major search tools other than than very well known tools like FAST, IBM Omnifind, Oracle Enterprise Search for a quick reference and would imagine we may have missed few. Please do add your comments below the article for any missing tools and we shall be happy to add them to the list.

conceptClassifier for SharePoint is the only SharePoint solution that delivers automatic identification and extraction of concepts from within content as it is created or ingested, provides intelligent automated classification and enables enterprise class taxonomy management running natively within the SharePoint 2007 and 2010 environment. As a technology platform conceptClassifier for SharePoint is rapidly deployed and easily managed. 

Working without the need to build another search index the automatically generated conceptual metadata can be fed directly into SharePoint Properties where Microsoft Search or FAST Search can utilize the conceptual metadata for enhanced searching such as faceted search, filtering and navigation. 

With full support for Content Types and multiple taxonomies, the flexibility of the technologies enables the ability to manage organizational metadata, solve Enterprise Content Management challenges, improve records management, automatically enforce governance at the desktop, identify unknown privacy exposures, and simplify SharePoint migrations.

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dtSearch dtSearch comes robust search capbilities that can instantly search terrabytes of data across a desktop, network, internet, intranet all alike. dtSearch products includes tools for publishing large documents collections to websites or portable media with test searching.

Its rich features include
  • 25+ full-text and fielded data search options, with Unicode support for hundreds of international languages
  • All products highlight hits in popular web-based formats (HTML, XSL/XML and PDF), while displaying embedded links, formatting and images
  • Proprietary file parsers/converters provide hit-highlighted displays of other popular file types (word processor, database, spreadsheet, email and email attachments, ZIP, etc.)
  • Built-in Spider adds static and dynamic (ASP.NET, MS CMS, SharePoint, PHP, etc.) web-based content to a searchable database, including local and remote sites and public and secure data
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 Endeca Endeca's revolutionary Information Access Platform (IAP) is the foundation of all our solutions, and enables your business to rapidly and cost-effectively configure and deploy search applications that fit your business needs.

Endeca's product suite include very rich features 
  • MDEX Engine - Scalable, Semi-structured database with integrated API, Generational Data Objects, Security, Performance & Scalability, Webservices and Extensibility
  • Data integration - Administrative Tools, Connectivity, ETL Integration, Joins Support, Data Cleansing and Enrichment, Taxanomy Management and Extensibility
  • Application Development - Development Toolkits for eBusiness and Enterprise needs including Template-Cartridge Model, Business User Control, Extinsible Architecture. Includes a self Service Configurable, Security Integrated and IT Friendly Architected Discovery Framework.
  • Commerce Suite - eCommerce Features to increase Search Traffic, Customer Conversion Rates, Order Sizes, Multichannel business control and Competitiveness
  • Publishing Suite - Publishing workbench with page builder, guided navigation, SEO, Query Module and Rapid Updates
  • Endeca Latitude - Latitude unleashes the power of search combined with Business Intelligence
  • On Demand - Should you need to setup your search within days, Endeca also provides "On Demand" setup for you
 Exalead Exalead CloudView™ is a one-of-a-kind search engine that collects unstructured and structured data from any source, in any format and in any volume, and automatically transforms it into a single structured information resource. This resource, which continually evolves and adapts as your data evolves, can be directly searched or used to develop innovative search-based applications (SBAs).

Exalead CloudView is a unique platform for Seach Based Applications (SBAs) that provide information access via powerful search and indexing coupled with web technologies. Exalead offers following SBA's as part of its solution
  • Business Applications - Includes Business Intelligence, Supply Chain Management, CRM, Complaince and Logistics and others
  • Information Management - Advanced data extraction, aggregation, analytics including Master Data Management, Database Offloading/Migration, Information Lifecycle Management
  • eBusiness - Classifieds, Directories, eCommerce, Media Entertainment, Social Netowrks, White Lable Search, Website Search
  • Enterprise Search - Universal Information Access for all sources like Web sites, intranets, extranets, databases, email servers, CMS, CRM, ERP, blogs, RSS feeds, multimedia archives...extensive native connectors plus an open API for unlimited connectivity and gets better with support to all formats Email messages, Web pages, Office documents, PDFs, database records, enterprise application data, audio, video, images...320+ formats supported out of the box
  • Proven Government Solutions and OEM/ISV Solutions
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 ExpertSystemCognito Expert System is the leading provider of semantic software, which discovers, classifies and interprets text information. Expert System product suite platform is the semantics-based COGITO platform developed, which searches, categorizes, analyzes and extracts unstructured information and texts. The benefits of adopting COGITO as the knowledge management platform range from the effectiveness of semantic searching - providing targeted responses and extracting "meaning" from text documents - to the more complete organization of the company's information assets.
  • Cogito Semantic Search - Overcomes the limits of traditional keyword search engines and provides a new intelligent way to effectively search for information. 
  • Cogito Categorizer - Helps you to maintain order of the fast growing amount of documents, news and emails you manage everyday, classifying them according to their content and your criteria. 
  • Cogito Discover - Tags, Extracts and Normalizes automatically the most relevant data contained in any type of text, whether it be structured or unstructured. 
  • Cognito Monitor - Answers What is being said on-line about my company? Why do people like my competitor’s product better? How is our new marketing campaign going? My reputation has been damaged: why? 
  • Cognito Focus - Millions of documents, e-mails, web pages, social networks…How can companies manage all of this knowledge? 
  • Cogito Answers - Streamlines the customer’s experience and provides a convenient and accurate method to access your premium knowledge-base. 
  • Cogito Intelligence Platform - Capturing signals and minimizing risk: the on-going challenges of Intelligence. 

 Funnelback Funnelback can search across a myriad of corporate content repositories including websites, intranets, shared drives, SharePoint, Email systems and databases. For additional flexibility, it can be deployed as a fully managed, SaaS solution, installed within your firewall or hosted in the cloud. No matter how large or small your organisation, we can tailor a solution to suit your business needs and information architecture. 
Access multiple repositories enterprise-wide with a single query
  • Funnelback creates separate indexes for each repository crawled but allows users to choose which repositories they wish to search over. All popular file types can be indexed and Funnelback can also integrate with third party file adaptors to reach file formats that are not widely used.
  • Security Controls – Access to sensitive information in repositories and business applications can be restricted to authorised users. Funnelback also offers collection level security and can be integrated with legacy document level access control systems.
  • Index Freshness - Mission critical information can be kept available and up-to-date for searching. Crawls can also be set to update only the parts of the index which have changed since the last crawl - creating a balance between freshness and infrastructure load.
  • Scalability - The search service can handle large amounts of information and high query loads. Funnelback can scale up to many millions of documents and runs on a variety of platforms allowing you to leverage off of your existing systems.
  • Complete Search Feature Set
  • Funnelback Enterprise Search also includes all of Funnelback’s search features, such as Contextual Navigation, Faceted Navigation and Funnelback’s Pattern Analyser.
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ISYS-Search ISYS Enterprise Server is delivers high performance, scalability and capacity, its an engine that powers a number of database-driven applications, including those used for e-commerce, business process management, email archiving and retention, and more. With more than two decades of technological innovation and proven leadership in infrastructure solutions, ISYS Enterprise Server empowers your line-of-business applications with best-in-class indexing, querying and content mining capabilities.
  • COMPREHENSIVE INFORMATION ACCESS ACROSS ALL FORMATS AND SYSTEMS: ISYS Enterprise Server supports more than 200 file, container and email formats, 60 different languages and connectors to today’s leading enterprise systems, including Documentum, Interwoven, Symantec Enterprise Vault, Lotus Notes, Microsoft SharePoint and more.
  • SUPERIOR INDEX AND QUERY PERFORMANCE, SCALABILITY AND CAPACITY: With ISYS Enterprise Server, you can index multiple terabytes of data per index, and create and chain an unlimited number of indexes, thus enabling you to leverage ISYS as a high-performance search server that interoperates seamlessly with your line-of-business applications via web services. 
  • ROBUST FEDERATION ACROSS MULTIPLE SYSTEMS, LOCATIONS AND ENVIRONMENTS: Ensuring your users have comprehensive access to the information they need to do their jobs, ISYS Enterprise Server federates content repositories that reside across multiple geographies, enterprise systems and environments. Backed by 20 years of IP innovation, ISYS delivers a truly enterprise-class experience.
  • SOPHISTICATED CONTENT MINING AND NAVIGATION FOR RAPID RESULTS REFINEMENT: Recognizing the time-consuming process of reviewing long search results lists, we designed ISYS Enteprise Server to include rich navigation and mining options, thus enabling rapid results refinement. Pinpoint critical content instantly via our. auto-categorization of search results, detection of entities such as people, places and email addresses, and metadata refinement.

Inbenta Search Engine is a fully secure, multilingual, scalable, linguistic, and meaning-based search engine for the enterprise. It is based on the latest developments inspired by the Meaning-Text Theory and provides for true Semantic and Natural Language search experience.

Inbenta Semantic Search Engine provides for:

  • Natural Language: user will not need to search for keywords anymore, our Semantic Search understands the aim of every search query and suggests results that are relevant, thus increasing cross-selling and saving customer care costs
  • Customer Insight: Thanks to our unique Semantic Clustering technology you will be informed about the actual needs of your customers.
  • Relevance: our engine is based on unique technology that combines lexical and linguistic search algorithms. It allows users to find and organize the most relevant elements of knowledge.
  • Robustness: our core technology is deployed on most enterprise architectures ensuring service quality and scalability.
  • Integration: Inbenta's Engine is designed to be integrated quickly within existing intranets and Internet sites. It can be deployed on multiple technology platforms and many technical environments. 
  • Product Suite: Inbenta also comes with various product suite like Semantic Site Search, Virtual Assistant, Inference Engine, GSA Connector, Semantic SEO, Social Media Monitoring, Landing pages, Email Management, Dynamic FAQ
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Dieselpoint Search™ is search and navigation software for enterprise data including document collections, databases, and XML. Dieselpoint has developed industry-leading advances in search technology, combining advanced full-text and linguistic techniques with high-performance data navigation to yield intuitive user interfaces not possible with other approaches. Typical applications include large-scale product catalogs, website search, document repositories, intranet search, and OEM software.

Feature Matrix Includes

  • Full Text Search: Full query language, Rankings, Liguistic Stemming, Multilanguage, Accents, Dynamic Indexes, Realtime Searchability.
  • Faceted Navigation: Search and Navigation, Unique Value Lists, Taxonomies, UI Classes, Query Display and Modification
  • Special Query Features: Search within Fields, Exacth Match, Filters, Sorting, Special Handling, Multi Valued Fields and more.
  • XML: Indexing, Hierarchical Structure, Multi Documents, Flexible Retrieval, ECCMA and Dublic Core
  • Application Development and Administration: Manage Indexes, Control Index Processing, Attribute Management, Theasurus Editor and more.
  • Built in Webserver: High Performance Server, Server Admin
  • Auto Indexer: Crawler, Scheduler, URL Wildcards, Authentication, HTML Stripping
  • Document Database Support and Indexing Pre-Processor
  • International: Languages, Word Breaking, Stemmers, Unicode, Charset Detection, Stopwords, Document Detection
  • Integrations: Java based, Embedded Search Platform, XML or Resultset Outputs, Realtime Updates
  • Pre-Built Apps and Analysis: Product Catalog, Error Logs, Search Logs and others
X1 X1 Enterprise Search is a revolutionary application that will change the way you search for information. Say goodbye to cumbersome, time-consuming searches that don’t return what you’re looking for. Immediately, X1 helps you find what you need, sort what you find, and act on what you sort — right from within the application.

The product suite includes:
  • X1 Enterprise Search Server: Leverage this scalable search engine to quickly index server-based data. IT-friendly interfaces help ensure rapid deployment and minimal administrative overhead.
  • X1 Professional Client: Easily downloaded and installed on your desktop or laptop, X1 Professional Client lets you search and sort thousands of emails, files, and more as fast as you can type
  • X1 Mobile Search for iPhone: On the road? No worries. The X1 app for iPhone connects with an X1 desktop client to help you remotely find, view, and act on the files and emails stored on your 
  • X1 For Symentic Enterprise Valut: Perform seamless search of all your organization’s emails and files both on the desktop and archived in Enterprise Vault -- through a single, powerful interface.
  • X1 For Microsoft Sharepoint: Quickly and easily search all your collaborative files in SharePoint right from your desktop X1 application.
  • X1 eDiscovery: X1 delivers simple and cost-effective eDiscovery solutions for legal matters and regulatory compliance. 
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