Tool Details
Tool Name : CVSNT
Category : Version Control Tools
Company : March Hare Software and community members.
License : Commercial

CVSNT Server stores a copy of your files and documents and tracks all of the changes to it over time. Based on CVS which for fifteen years was the most popular versioning tool, CVSNT has added five years of development to build the best modern versioning solution.

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General Information
  • Repository Model - "Client–server"
  • Concurrency Model - "Merge"
  • License - "GPL"
  • Platforms - "Unix-like, Windows, Mac OS X"
  • History Model - "Changeset"
  • Revision Ids - "Numbers"
 Basic Integrations
  • Eclipse, KDevelop, Emacs
  • IDEA, Komodo IDE, BBEdit
  • Commercial plugins for SCCI, Bugzilla, Build
Supported Features
  • Symbolic Links (using shares)
  • Unicode File name support
  • Tags
  • International support
 User Interfaces
  • CVSweb
  • ViewVC
  • Windows, Mac OS X, OS/400, GTK, Qt
Nice to Have Additions (To make tool better)
  • Signed revisions
  • Interactive commits


Please contact us for any features that you may think are applicable and not listed above.

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